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College of Arts and Sciences Departments

The departments within the College of Arts and Sciences offer a diverse selection of academic programs that enable students to explore their intellectual interests while developing skills that lead to rewarding professional opportunities.

Applied Psychology

An understanding of psychology can be applied to every aspect of life. Our courses provide a deep understanding of the self, other people, and how to apply that knowledge broadly.

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Our undergraduate and graduate  programs embrace a common mission: to fortify the intellectual and social skills necessary for effective human communication.

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Our programs help you understand important aspects of society: the global economy, production decisions, income distribution, consumption of goods and services, and more.

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English/Cultural Studies

Studying various aspects of literature and culture provides you with the understanding and skills critical to participate and succeed in a complex, multicultural world.

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History/Social Science

The study and practice of history and the social sciences - global studies, politics, law, sociology - through teaching, research, and outreach allows you to understand the human condition.

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Critical thinking and quantitative problem solving skills prepare you for a career in any of the highly regarded fields of actuarial or applied mathematics, applied statistics or a field of your choice.

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Modern Languages

Language study teaches you to think critically and introduces you to the ways in which other cultures - such as Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish - develop meaning.

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Science and Technology

Our programs emphasize basic and applied research, technical applications, and international experiences, including research opportunities at Chinese universities.

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