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Applied Economics

How individuals, businesses, and governments manage their resources to best satisfy their wants and needs is economics in a nutshell. Those who study economics at Bryant will learn how unemployment, inflation, equity, market competition, international trade and development, banking, monetary and fiscal policies, labor and management issues, health care, and environmental decisions affect the economy, and how some of these may be enhanced for the betterment of society.

The Bachelor of Science with a major in Applied Economics requires you to analyze quantitative real-world cases and complete the economics core. You will gain the tools necessary to examine a variety of situations and rationalize decisions. You will also learn to interpret historical events through the lens of applied economics and recommend steps that can be taken to ensure stability today and in the future. With proficiency in the use of statistical and mathematical tools, you will evaluate and quantify economic relations to acquire knowledge of the framework of the economy.

Future careers, post-grad opportunities 

With a major in Applied Economics from Bryant, you will develop the competence to logically and analytically address a wide range of problems that apply to business, government, and global markets. You will find rewarding careers in such diverse fields as banking and finance, consulting, management, market research, sales, insurance, real estate, health care administration, law, or public administration. A degree in economics is also excellent preparation for a variety of graduate programs.

Economics faculty

Faculty represent a wide range of expertise in areas such as health care, the public sector, international trade and economic development, labor and industrial organization, teaching methods, and human capital development. Their applied research and publications cover immigration and wage discrimination, market freedom and government intervention, forecasting, and health care market and policy, among others. Faculty serve as consultants to both private and public enterprises in the New England region, as well as international organizations such as the World Bank of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.


Eric Handa ‘97
CEO of AP Telecom

Before founding AP Telecom, the industry consulting company and carrier where he serves as CEO, Handa worked for AT&T, Tyco Telecommunications, Tata Communications, and Bharti Airtel. His operations, research and sales assignments covered the primary and emerging markets of Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

More than 15 years of experience in the information and communications technology field and expertise spanning global management, sales, and leadership roles have made Handa a sought-after expert and speaker. He has been quoted and featured in numerous publications, including the Wall Street Journal , Fox News , Telecom Asia , and TelCap Magazine.

Handa received Bryant's Young Alumni Leadership Award in 2013.


Regina Mead '84
Managing partner, Mb4 International

Mead has built a regional construction company specializing in renewable energy from the ground up. With her knowledge of international markets and her expertise in finance, project management, infrastructure and new markets, she assists companies looking to expand nationally and internationally. Her career began as a financial analyst with a Fortune 50 company. She later worked at the Department of Defense, creating economic and statistical matrices to determine variable risk factors. Today, Mead heads three of her own businesses, holds seats on international trade organizations, is the recipient of the Euro-American Women’s Council Artemis Award and the Ana Del Valle award, and continues to make time for the Women’s Summit® at Bryant each year.


Sam Mirmirani, Ph.D.
Economics Professor and Chair

“The most rewarding part of teaching for me is to witness the progress students make as they have conversations with me about social, political, and economic issues,” says Mirmirani. “They show they have gained a noticeable level of maturity, awareness, and interest on such issues.” This award-winning faculty member’s broad expertise includes health care economics and policy, management and policies, as well as economic development and impact. Mirmirani is also the associate editor of the International Journal of Behavioral and Health Research.

"Economics is complex. It's a field that includes a number of different branches of knowledge, such as psychology, history, math, sociology, and business."