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Applied Statistics

You’ve always liked the idea of figuring out the likelihood of an outcome by examining numbers – because numbers don’t lie.

Statistics is the mathematical science that collects, analyzes, and interprets numerical data using the theory of probability. At Bryant, you can concentrate in Applied Statistics with either a strong calculus foundation or in a more applied way.

You can also choose an Applied Statistics minor to complement a concentration or major in the College of Business or the College of Arts and Sciences. Many disciplines depend on the information provided by statistics, and, in the minor, you will enhance your ability to solve more complex quantitative problems.

If you choose to study Applied Statistics, you will be eligible to receive SAS® certification in data mining by taking four specific courses. Bryant is among only 18 universities worldwide to offer this joint program approved by the SAS Institute.

Future careers, post-grad opportunities

Upon graduating, you will be equipped to enter careers in government agencies and consulting firms, or you can work as a financial analyst, statistical analyst, or financial consultant. You will also be well prepared to pursue a graduate degree in mathematics, statistics, or economics.

Powerful assets

Daniel M. Hebert ’13
Market Development Analyst, Rogers Corporation

"Quantitative skills are powerful assets in business decision-making. I started at Bryant with focused studies in marketing. After several introductory courses in mathematics, I decided to pursue a second concentration in Applied Statistics. This allowed me to gain analytical and quantitative skills that are useful in marketing and industry research. Bryant offers an assortment of advanced courses that explore key statistical techniques and practical business applications. Working with dedicated professors, I have learned the fundamentals of statistics and mathematical analysis. This knowledge will prove to be valuable in my future business endeavors."


Donna Chan Wah Hak '11
Risk Analyst, The Hartford

Chan Wah Hak traded the tropical breezes of Mauritius – a small island in the Indian Ocean – for actuarial mathematics and the Honors Program at Bryant, where she also earned SAS certification. Her Senior Capstone Project, “Do Foreign Investment and Trade Openness Influence Economic Growth?” was named the Best Arts and Sciences Honor Thesis. She completed four internships and was a peer tutor in math, finance, accounting, economics, and French. Chan Wah Hak, the recipient of the Intercultural Center’s Benjamin Banneker Academic Award for Excellence, is now a senior actuarial analyst.