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The earth’s resources are finite. So how do we address the constant drain on the planet? How can we make things better in a more sustainable way?

As a Biotechnology student at Bryant, you will examine living organisms and apply this study commercially through the manipulation of DNA. At its most basic, biotechnology is engineering biological systems to efficiently produce useful goods or compounds. The field of biotechnology broadly impacts markets in human health, agriculture, and the forensic sciences. In the required courses for the minor, you will learn basic chemistry, biology, and the technology of manipulating DNA through hands-on lab experiences.

In the elective courses in the minor, you will be exposed to applications of biotechnology in diverse markets and begin to appreciate the profound legal, social, economic, and ethical implications of this technology for our society.

Future careers, post-grad opportunities

A minor in Biotechnology will enable you to develop the competence to reason logically and analytically about a wide range of problems that apply to different resources necessary for business, government, and global markets. You will find that complementing your major course of study with this minor will add to your value as a prospective employee or service provider in a variety of fields. You will also be well prepared for graduate studies.

Opportunities in the lab

Kirsten Hokeness

Kirsten Hokeness, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Science and Technology

With her mother a nurse and father a doctor, science and medicine were regular topics at the dinner table when Kirsten Hokeness was growing up.

Today, Hokeness teaches courses in biology, biotechnology, and ecology; her areas of interest extend to cancer biology, microbiology, and viral immunology. Her passion for these subjects is contagious.

“Choosing to study science at Bryant gives students the distinctive experience of very small classes and one-on-one-opportunities to do research with faculty. This is unique to Bryant, compared to other universities offering similar programs,” says Hokeness.


David L. LaSalle ’98 MBA
CEO of Orthopaedic Synergy, Inc.

LaSalle made a significant strategic career decision to leave Johnson & Johnson, where he had been in product development, to act on his entrepreneurial itch and launch a startup. As a specialist in the development of prosthetic devices, he had learned that orthopedic surgeons were interested in seeing a particular innovation in hip implants. He and several colleagues struck out on their own. Today, he is CEO of Orthopaedic Synergy, Inc., part of the OMNIlife science management team. In addition to an MBA from Bryant, LaSalle is a graduate of the New England Institute of Technology.