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Computer Information Systems

Are you interested in combining technology and business into an exciting career? The fast pace of mobile commerce, wireless communications, and on-demand global business requires people who understand both disciplines.

Bryant’s Computer Information Systems program provides you with technical knowledge, the ability to analyze business and security needs, the know-how to implement global systems, and an understanding of how and when to use technology to advance an organization.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration offers a Computer Information Systems concentration that features dedicated faculty, small classes, and leading technology to provide you with the latest skills and knowledge in the ever-changing field of information systems. You can specialize in information technology management, programming, Web and information technology security, or data analytics.

With a Computer Information Systems minor, you will gain technical proficiency in areas such as digital multimedia and Web design for marketing, IT security for management, and advanced spreadsheet analysis for finance and accounting. Knowledge of computer information systems is useful in all majors.

Future careers, post-grad opportunities

A Computer Information Systems education from Bryant prepares you for a number of careers, including project manager, programmer, network designer, web operations specialist, application developer, and business analyst, to name a few. You will also be prepared to enter graduate school and pursue a variety of advanced degrees.

Computer Information Systems faculty

The faculty in this field comprises strong researchers who are experts in various industries and functions within the field. They are also outstanding teachers who bring their knowledge and expertise into the classroom to create effective learning experiences and provide extraordinary personal guidance.


Suhong Li, Ph.D.
Professor of Computer Information Systems

Li, who earned her doctorate in manufacturing management and engineering from the University of Toledo, delves into the intersection of business and technology. She is known for sharing with students her passion for a broad range of interests, including: electronic and mobile commerce, supply chain management, and the adoption and implementation of IT innovation. Li’s vast intellectual contributions include two book chapters: “An Analysis of Online Privacy Policy of Fortune 100 Companies” and “A framework for the Implementation of Radio Frequency Identification in Closed-Loop Supply Chain: Impact and Challenges.”