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Creative and Applied Arts

Explore creativity across many fields of expression: from design and drawing to poetry and music. 

The concentration in Creative and Applied Arts provides a valuable means for you to expand your creative and critical abilities. In this concentration, you will learn the practical and applied skills needed to merge creative processes with current technologies. You will develop literacy in production as you learn to analyze, critique, and historically locate creative expression in its cultural contexts. Creative and critical writing courses will help you sharpen the writing skills that are vital to every career.

With approval from the department chair, you may pursue your interest in the arts through an internship with an arts organization, a directed study, or work on a project focused on creative production or the arts during study abroad. Some Sophomore International Experience (SIE) trips emphasizing the creative arts may also be applicable to this concentration with approval from the department chair. 

Future careers, post-grad opportunities

Students can draw upon a range of creative abilities and critical skills from this concentration for work in design companies, museums, nonprofit and community arts organizations, arts journalism, concert halls, theater companies, and internet companies where critical analysis, visual design, and creative writing skills are vital.


Maura Coughlin, Ph.D.
Professor of Visual Studies and Art History

“The Creative and Applied Arts concentration responds to increasing interest in foregrounding creativity at Bryant and in the professional and academic worlds generally,” says Coughlin, a prolific and widely published author. “My background as an art historian and contacts in the artists’ communities of Boston, Providence, and Cape Cod, will give students experiences that will mature into lifelong interests and cultural values.” Coughlin’s awards include a 2012 Peaked Hills Trust Artist Residency in Provincetown, MA; a 2011 Student Choice Award for Excellence in Teaching; and a 2009 Merit Award for Research and Service. She holds a Ph.D. in the History of Art from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University.