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As a Literary and Cultural Studies/English major at Bryant, you will acquire skills in critical thinking, creativity, and innovation. Prepare for a global, multicultural environment through courses offering diverse perspectives in literature, creative writing, music, philosophy, visual studies, and anthropology.

Poetry, popular music, and performance art are among the cultural products that shape and reflect our humanity. Bryant’s dynamic Literary and Cultural Studies program cultivates aesthetic appreciation, ethical and moral awareness, historical understanding, and critical and interpretive skills. You’ll explore ideas, cultures, and social mores.

Like the major, the concentration and minor in Literary and Cultural Studies foster and sustain a cultural background based upon the interrogation of literary and cultural texts.

Future careers, post-grad opportunities

The Literary and Cultural Studies program, with its emphasis on global literature, cultures, and creative production, provides the theoretical and practical framework needed to enter a variety of graduate programs, including graduate and law schools. You will also be qualified to work in nonprofit and governmental organizations, museums and art galleries, in publishing and as a writer, and in marketing and advertising. An emphasis on strong writing, creativity, and analytical and critical-thinking skills, combined with a required business minor, means that you will be prepared to enter any number of fields.

Literary and Cultural Studies faculty

Faculty includes prominent scholars, teachers, and practitioners, and the former poet laureate of Rhode Island. Faculty enhance their expertise through research, publishing, consulting, and community service, and bring this knowledge into the classroom. Faculty also provide personal guidance for students pursuing internships and positions in the many industries that rely on literary and cultural studies/English skills and competencies. 


Tara Calnan ’12
Sr. Client Services Specialist, Propel Marketing

As a Literary and Cultural Studies major, Calnan took courses in philosophy, sexuality, literature, and film and video studies. She also found the freedom to tailor her major to her interests.

“Each course emphasized critical thinking and reading, well-thought-out writing, and a solid understanding of our world and culture,” she says, “skills essential in our personal and professional lives.”

Calnan brings those skills to Propel Marketing in Quincy, MA, where she is responsible for internal and external communication surrounding client advertising products and campaigns.


Jeff Cabusao, Ph.D.
Assistant professor of English and Cultural Studies

“Collaboration is at the heart of the Bryant University educational experience, learning to work together [...] learning to work with a variety of people […] to work across differences,” says Cabusao, who describes his research interests as Asian American Studies, U.S. Ethnic Studies, and Women’s Studies, among others.

Cabusao, a prolific author, conference participant, and sought-after expert in his field, has earned a number of honors throughout his career.

The National Council of Teachers of English awarded Cabusao with the Early Career Educator of Color Leadership Award in 2011; Bryant recognized his work with a Merit Award in 2010; and he earned a Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship in 2006 from Kalamazoo (MI) College.

Creating my path

Nicholas Mancuso ’12
Program Coordinator, Development and Alumni Relations, Boston University

"Taking classes with amazing professors - Mary Prescott, Tom Chandler, and Maura Couglin - helped me understand that writing is as much an applied art as sculpture or painting," says Mancuso.

Mancuso has published in Rhode Island Monthly and Rhode Island Small Business Journal.

Today, he is working toward his Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Fairfield University. After graduation, he hopes to teach creative writing at the undergraduate level.