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In an economic downturn, the time is ripe for new business ventures. Entrepreneurs who possess the required skills and know-how flourish.

The goal of the Entrepreneurship program at Bryant is to help you understand the strategic, tactical, and analytic traits necessary to make sound decisions in new ventures. You’ll learn how to implement cultural and technological innovations from around the world that will shape your business strategies, while dramatically expanding the market for your enterprise.

Successful entrepreneurs typically demonstrate the ability to blend skills in innovation and research, leadership and personnel management, marketing and selling, and finance. In the Entrepreneurship concentration, you will take six courses in the Entrepreneurship program and receive a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. A required minor in liberal arts will sharpen your critical thinking and problem solving, providing you with an edge over many  entrepreneurs.

To complement another course of study with an Entrepreneurship minor, you will take four courses in the Entrepreneurship program.

Future careers, post-grad opportunities

Entrepreneurs are responsible for every aspect of their start-ups, from accounting to sales to personnel management. With the solid foundation gained at Bryant, our graduates have started successful businesses in a variety of industries such as accounting, financial services, and the arts, and they enjoy the satisfaction that comes from being their own boss. In addition, many organizations value the enthusiasm and vision entrepreneurs possess. Our program will also prepare you well for graduate studies.

Entrepreneurship faculty

Among Bryant’s Entrepreneurship faculty are a former chief marketing officer who is sought-after in the start-up community and entrepreneurs who have established, or have successfully sold, more than six companies in healthcare and technology. 

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For an 18-credit concentration:

First-Year Gateway Experience

Global Foundations of Character and Leadership (GFCL100)

Global Foundations of Organizations and Business (GFOB100)

Writing Workshop (WRIT106)

Bryant IDEA: Innovation and Design Experience for All (IDEA101)


Upper-Level Gateway Requirement


Entrepreneurship Concentration

Entrepreneurial Marketing (ENT380)

Entrepreneurial Finance (ENT381)

Creating a New Venture (ENT481)

Managing a New Venture (ENT482)

Choose two (2) from the following as Entrepreneurship Electives:

  • Personal Financial Planning (ACG370)
  • E-Business Models (CIS332)
  • Public Speaking (COM202) or Communications in Small Groups (COM367)*
  • Cultures and Economies in Transition (ECO376)
  • Microfinance (FIN340)
  • International Business Law (LGLS451)
  • International Business Management (MGT356)
  • New Product Development (MKT382)
  • Services Marketing (MKT380)
  • Sociology of Innovation and Creativity (SOC362)
  • Special Topics in Entrepreneurship (ENT385 or ENT485)**
  • Directed Study in Entrepreneurship (ENT497)**

*Students may take either COM202 or COM367 toward the concentration

**Only one of these three courses may apply to the concentration for a total of three credit hours only

Business Core Requirements

Introduction to Information Technology and Analytics (CIS201)

Financial and Managerial Accounting (ACG203, ACG204)

Financial Management (FIN201)

Management Principles and Practices (MGT200)

Foundations of Marketing Management (MKT201)

The Legal Environment of Business (LGLS211)

Operations Management (MGT201)

Business Policy (BUS400)

Liberal Arts Core Requirements

Introduction to Literary Studies (LCS121)

Microeconomic Principles (ECO113)

Macroeconomic Principles (ECO114)

Mathematical Analysis (MATH110)

Statistics I (MATH201)

Two (2) Humanities Survey Courses

Liberal Arts Distribution Requirements – Modes of Thought*

Two (2) Social Science Modes of Thought

One (1) Historical Mode of Thought (Upper Division)

One (1) Literary Mode of Thought (Upper Division)

Two (2) Scientific Modes of Thought (Include 1 Lab Science)

(One science course must be at the 300 or 400 level)

*3 credits from the required liberal arts minor may be applied to this distribution

One (1) Liberal Arts Elective

Liberal Arts Minor Requirement (4 Courses)

Selection is made from a variety of liberal arts disciplines (Some minors require more than 12 credits)

Four (4) Open Electives

A minimum of 122 credits are required for graduation.

For a 12-credit minor:

Entrepreneurial Marketing (ENT380)

Entrepreneurial Finance (ENT381)

Creating a New Venture (ENT481)

Electives (Choose one):

  • Personal Financial Planning (ACG370)
  • E-Business Models (CIS332)
  • Public Speaking (COM202)
  • Communications in Small Groups (COM367)
  • Cultures and Economies in Transition (ECO376)
  • Managing a New Venture (ENT482) * Prerequisites are ENT380 and ENT381
  • Microfinance (FIN340)
  • International Business Law (LGLS451)
  • International Business Management (MGT356)
  • Services Marketing (MKT380)
  • New Product Development (MKT382)
  • Sociology of Innovation and Creativity (SOC362)

Bryant Ventures

Bryant Ventures is an experiential component of the Entrepreneurship program. The organization offers any student, regardless of major, an opportunity for hands-on learning. Participants are mentored by a dedicated group of faculty and experienced entrepreneurs, many of whom are Bryant alumni.

Bryant magazine recently profiled the organization in "Bryant Ventures: The Bridge to Self-Made Success Stories." Read it here.

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