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Financial Services

The field of financial services and personal financial management has undergone significant changes in the last decade. Traditional boundaries between the securities industry, insurance, and banking have been blurred or obliterated by fundamental changes in federal laws and regulatory rulings. As managing the wealth of individuals and businesses becomes more complex, a greater number of professionals are needed who have the training and skills for this demanding field.

At Bryant, Financial Services is a cross-disciplinary program that integrates finance with courses in marketing, accounting, and legal studies. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration offers a Financial Services concentration that prepares you to advise clients about their financial needs including investments, risk management and insurance, and tax planning.

Future careers, post-grad opportunities

Bryant graduates in Financial Services are prepared for careers in retail securities brokerage, financial planning, real estate investment management, insurance, and financial institution management. They hold titles such as financial planner, securities broker, registered representative, branch manager, and risk manager. Our graduates are also accepted into prestigious graduate and law schools worldwide.

Financial services faculty

Financial Services faculty are active researchers in the fields of asset management, financial markets and institutions, individual taxation, consumer behavior, and personal financial planning, among others.


Timothy Drechsler-Martell

Tim Drechsler-Martell ‘13
Asst. portfolio analyst,
Hartford Investment Management 

“What is better at Bryant is that you can go to a professor at almost any time,” says Drechsler-Martell. “The Bryant faculty is really committed to providing that one-on-one experience.” Drechsler-Martell, who majored in finance, performed so well during a summer internship after his junior year at the Hartford Investment Management Company that the company offered him a full-time position.

“Bryant taught me [to] take advantage of the opportunities that come along during your internship and make sure you meet the right people, build great relationships. That’s something that I embraced during that internship.”