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Fine Arts/Visual Studies

In contemporary culture, visual images are powerful tools that actively construct meanings of identity, place, and power. Through the Fine Arts/Visual Studies interest area at Bryant, you will learn to think critically about your surroundings, drawing on knowledge of historical periods and diverse cultures.

Images surround us in our every day life – in film, television, paintings, architecture, billboards, newspapers, magazines, computer graphics, and photography. To become a discerning observer, you will attend classes in cultural studies, media studies, popular material culture, film theory, and the histories of art and photography.

Future careers, post-grad opportunities

Having studied Fine Arts/Visual Studies, you will possess a deep understanding of cultural and historical references, and will be able to rely on that knowledge to analyze the world around you. Our graduates go on to secure positions in research and teaching, marketing and advertising, arts administration, and in museums in the United States and abroad.

Fine Arts and Visual Studies faculty

Fine Arts and Visual Studies faculty create visual culture, conduct research and are widely published. Art history, photographic history, graphic novels, museum studies, cinema studies, and popular visual culture come together in the faculty's teaching as well as in their research. They encourage students to engage with visual creativity on campus and beyond.


Aaron Diamond ‘13
Studying: Visual Arts, Communication, Business Administration

Bryant has much more to offer than what meets the eye.

It may be best known as a business school but Bryant’s visual arts sector holds many opportunities.  

One of my passions is photography. Faculty members really love to lend a hand; they helped me arrange to exhibit my work at Bryant’s annual Research and Engagement Day, kick-starting a possible career path.

If you have an interest outside your major, don’t hesitate to branch out. Join clubs and get involved with professors!

Exploring passion for the arts

Coburn Childs ‘12
Studied: BA, Communication

From the start of freshman year and all the way through graduation, I jumped into as many courses and activities as possible to help me explore my creativity and passion for the arts. All the while I was making lifelong friends who shared my interests. Whether I was writing and producing my own short film for Film Studies class, designing an artistic campaign to promote social change in Visual Culture class, or acting and singing onstage in lead roles in RENT, Grease, and Clue with the Bryant Players, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.