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Global Studies

People must have an understanding of other countries, cultures, and global interactions to succeed in today’s complex world. Courses in the Global Studies program foster cross-disciplinary perspectives on global economies, political systems, social realms, and intellectual traditions. Students also develop valued skills in analytical thinking, decision making, and communication.

The Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Global Studies is a multidisciplinary program that allows you to choose one of three content tracks: global cultural interaction, global economics, or global politics. All Global Studies students must complete courses in global politics, history, and anthropology, as well as a senior seminar that explores a topic in depth. Students must demonstrate intermediate language proficiency. They also select from a list of liberal arts courses with a global focus. 

The 18-credit Global Studies concentration complements courses of study in the College of Business and in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Future careers, post-grad opportunities

You will be equipped to succeed throughout your professional life in fields such as government service, business, education, and journalism. You will also be well prepared to pursue advanced study in several fields including history, international relations, political science, anthropology, and development. The emphasis on strong writing, analytical, and critical-thinking skills, combined with a required business minor, means that you will be poised to enter any number of fields with the knowledge and skills to succeed.

Global Studies faculty

Faculty come from a variety of academic disciplines, research interests, and backgrounds, and provide diverse insights into today’s interconnected world. Their research and consulting encompasses a wide range of international issues such as migration, urban planning, trade, human rights, legal issues, and development. Faculty conduct research in places such as China, Japan, Brazil, Central America, Africa and Europe, and bring international perspectives to the classroom and their research. Their influence extends globally as they speak at international conferences and events, and publish research in leading journals in various countries and languages.

The Global Studies major offers three tracks: