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Industry Studies

You know the basics of economics – it involves supply and demand and how each affects the other. You saw that when you wanted an iPhone and long lines of customers led to shortages and price increases.

If you want to know more about how a company on the supply side such as Apple affects markets, industry studies through the lens of Industrial Economics and Market Regulation may be the right track for you. This is an interdisciplinary major that helps you understand the framework by which markets operate; the inner- and intra-competitiveness among industries in the US; management-labor relations; and the role of government in the market economy.

The Bachelor of Arts with a major in Economics provides you with the knowledge to explore and understand human behavior, contemporary social issues such as poverty, discrimination, economic justice, history, culture, and international relations.

Future careers, post-grad opportunities

With a focus on industry as part of your education, you can seek employment opportunities in managerial positions in government and business, trade associations, and consulting and research organizations. You will also be well prepared to pursue graduate studies in economics, business, and law.

Economics faculty

Faculty represent a wide range of expertise in areas such as health care, the public sector, international trade and economic development, labor and industrial organization, teaching methods, and human capital development. Their applied research and publications cover immigration and wage discrimination, market freedom and government intervention, forecasting, and health care market and policy, among others. Faculty serve as consultants to both private and public enterprises in the New England region, as well as international organizations such as the World Bank of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.


Daniel Branco '12
Studying: Industry Studies, Business Administration, Management, Political Science

Through my honors capstone project, “Effectiveness and Best Practices of Lean and Six Sigma in Health Care,” I learned important research techniques, and other skills, that will be valuable in my career. The project increased my awareness and insight into the health care field as well as into operations management. The opportunity to work closely with my faculty sponsors was an especially rewarding experience.

C-suite success

John DeSimone ’89
Currently: Chief Financial Officer, Herbalife Ltd.

John DeSimone ‘89 is a prime example of where the Industry Studies courses can take you. DeSimone has been guarding the financial health of Herbalife International, a global nutrition and weight management company, since January 2010. His long list of accomplishments include leading Herbalife’s acquisition of its first manufacturing facility, spearheading new country openings, and overseeing strategic planning, forecasting, and budgeting. The Bryant alum has held executive level positions before, as CEO of Mobile Ventures LLC, an automotive aftermarket accessory distributor and retailer; he also served as the CFO of Rexall Sundown, a U.S. supplement manufacturer.

From Bryant to the boardroom

Joseph Puishys ‘80
Currently: CEO and President, Apogee Enterprises Inc.

Even when studying finance and accounting at Bryant, Joseph Puishys ’80 knew that he someday wanted to be in the boardroom. “I was good at accounting,” he says “but I always wanted to be CEO. My education at Bryant helped me get there.” And, after 32 years of experience in the manufacturing business, in 2011 he made that dream come true after taking the reigns at Apogee, a window systems manufacturer. Puishys worked hard to get there; he took a job with automotive-products company Fram while still a senior at Bryant and stayed with the company through its many acquisitions - and final merger with Honeywell. Puishys worked his way from financial services, to operations, and eventually into general management, earning the title of President of Honeywell’s Environmental and Combustion Controls division.