International Affairs

On a local, national, or global level, you’re interested in more than politics. You also want to examine economic, historical, and legal factors, and what can be done to change things for the better.

The International Affairs minor at Bryant introduces key political concepts, terms, and theories with a focus on recent global issues and controversies. You’ll explore some history and economics as background for examining modern political issues. You will learn to focus internationally as you form an intellectual foundation for understanding the economic patterns you observe in business and the broader world.

Decisions made by national governments and international institutions affect you. Economies are shaped by factors such as rising trade levels, multinational corporations, and global economic institutions. National and personal security are influenced by global events. The multidisciplinary coursework in this minor exposes you to different perspectives on key issues that affect international business, politics, and communication.

Future careers, post-grad opportunities

Upon successful completion of the International Affairs minor, you will have the analytical tools you need to evaluate international issues and policies. You’ll be ready to enter careers in government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), international organizations, business, education, and law. Understanding global issues also prepares you for graduate-level study in politics, economics, and law.

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John W. Dietrich, Ph.D.

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Department of History and Social Sciences


Sam Mirmirani, Ph.D.
Chair and Professor
Department of Economics

Sharp business acumen

Teresa McCarthy ‘83
Vice President, Alliance Bernstein

In 1997, when Teresa McCarthy ’83 was sent to Indonesia to assess the creditworthiness of a Jakarta taxicab company, it seemed a foregone conclusion that the company would get a market-grade bond rating, due to its politically connected owner. But McCarthy, sent by Moody’s Investors Service, wisely withheld the B3 rating the company needed to enter the bond market.

One year later, Indonesia’s economy was in turmoil and the debt-laden company went broke.

“In the end, as I learned at Bryant, you have to look at the underlying credit of a company and try not to be persuaded by outside influences,” said McCarthy. “It changed my life, just going to Bryant […]. Having a degree from a good business school opened up a world of opportunities for me.”

Managing Hong Kong

Scott Voss ‘92
Managing director, HarbourVest Partners LLC

Victoria Habour and the Giant Buddha are not just for Chinese majors, Scott Voss ’92 can attest. Voss, who studied marketing at Bryant and then went onto earn his MBA from Babson College, was recently promoted to managing director at HarbourVest Partners LLC – a private equity investment firm – and transferred to its Hong Kong subsidiary.

Voss focuses on primary partnership investments in the U.S., Asia, and Latin America. Previously, Voss managed international sales and distribution for Cannondale Corporation, a bicycle manufacturer, where he oversaw the company’s Asia subsidiaries and its network of independent distributors in the region.