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You enjoy using technology. You know that when managed correctly, computers, databases, and technology provide everything you need to effectively manage projects. You also see the incredible potential for people who understand how to conduct business across borders and around the world. The demand for international business graduates is greater than ever and expected to increase. Managing computer information systems in any company – local, national, or global – is going to be affected by decisions, trends, and events overseas.

Bryant’s International Business program is ranked 16th in the nation by Bloomberg BusinessWeek. At Bryant, the International Business curriculum is globally focused from your first semester on campus. Our program is also one of the few in the country offering concentrations in business functions including accounting, computer information systems, entrepreneurship, finance, global supply chain management, management, and marketing. Expert faculty will collaborate to help you develop a global perspective and a fundamental cultural knowledge of the world. You’ll understand the relevance of complex international issues faced by managers of multinational companies and the role of technology in business, especially as it relates to globalization.

Real projects, real companies, real experience

Before you graduate, you’ll have a strong theoretical foundation in international business. You will also have the unique experience of applying theories to a real-world situation through a senior year practicum. This intense project might pair you and a team of students with a local business owner who wants to sell products in the United Arab Emirates, and a faculty member whose former career was overseeing the growth of a Chilean multinational forest products firm.

In the end, you’ll see your hard work make a difference, and the experience is one that prospective employers will want to hear about.

Bryant’s International Business program will provide you with an in-depth understanding of one functional area of concentration of your choosing. You’ll also become proficient in a second language and study abroad, where you can practice your language skills, deepen your global perspective, and immerse yourself in a different culture. When you graduate, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running – in whatever country you decide to call home.

Future careers, post-grad opportunities

A Bachelor of Science in International Business opens doors to a wide variety of professional careers, including: international securities analysis, economic development banking, monetary policy and research, trade insurance, overseas communication, international trade and development, export/import banking, international finance, technology transfer, and more. Our graduates are also accepted into prestigious graduate programs and law schools worldwide.

International Business faculty

Bryant’s International Business faculty members hail from diverse cultures and have attained the highest credentials in their fields of study from top universities in the United States. Many have rich work experience with well-known multinational companies. They include a former investment manager for the state economic and trade committee in China, a professor whose research won Best International Paper from the Organizational Behavior division of the Academy of Management, and a management professor who has taught in MBA and executive MBA programs in 14 countries. The faculty brings this global mindset into the classroom, adding a vital dimension to student learning and success.

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For an IB major, with a concentration in Computer Information Systems:

International Academic Experience

Within the 122 credits comprising the program distribution, the equivalent of at least 12 semester hours of credit must be taken as international study abroad, except for students on an F1 Visa.


First-Year Gateway Experience

Global Foundations of Character and Leadership (GFCL100)

Global Foundations of Organizations and Business (GFOB100G)

Writing Workshop (WRIT106)

Bryant IDEA: Innovation and Design Experience for All (IDEA101)


Upper-Level Gateway Requirement *to come when available


International Business: C.I.S. Concentration

Using Technology for Effective Decision Making (CIS305)

Introduction to Database Management (CIS341)

Systems Analysis and Information Systems Consulting (CIS441)

Three (3) Computer Information Systems Electives*

[Must include one (1) 400-level elective]

*Can include CIS332 or CIS470 that can also serve as an I.B. Elective

Business Core Requirements

Financial Accounting (ACG203) 

Introduction to Global Information Technology and Analytics (CIS201G)

Global Dimensions of Financial Management (FIN201G)

The Carolyn Rafaelian International Business Practicum (IB490) 

Global Dimensions of Operations Management (MGT201G)

Global Dimensions of Marketing (MKT201G)

International Business Integrative Experience

International Accounting (ACG320)

Multinational Finance (FIN368) 

International Business Management (MGT356)

International Marketing (MKT368)

Two (2) International Business Electives

Select two approved courses – 3 credits net for CIS concentration if CIS332 or CIS470 is selected as both an IB and concentration elective.

Liberal Arts Core Requirements

Microeconomic Principles (ECO113)  

Macroeconomic Principles (ECO114) 

Introduction to Literary Studies (LCS121)

International Business Law (LGLS451)

Mathematical Analysis (MATH110)

Statistics I (MATH201)

One (1) Humanities Historical Survey Course (International focus)

Liberal Arts Distribution Requirements – Modes of Thought*

[Must include four (4) courses with an international focus]

Two (2) Social Science Modes of Thought

One (1) Historical Mode of Thought (Upper Division)

One (1) Literary Mode of Thought (Upper Division)

Two (2) Scientific Modes of Thought (Include one Lab Science) (One science course must be taken at the 300 or 400 level)

One (1) Cultural Mode of Thought

*19 net credits - 3 credits from the required Language Minor may be applied to this distribution

One (1) Liberal Arts Elective

Language Minor Requirement – International Business majors must complete a language minor. Required course: Chinese for Business (ML-CH404) or Chinese for Business II (ML-CH405), French for Business (ML-FR404), Italian for Business (ML-IT404), or Spanish for Business (ML-SP404) - depending on language minor.

One (1) Open Elective

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To learn more, please contact:
Madan Annavarjula, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of the College of Business
Professor and Coordinator of the International Business program


Madan Annavarjula, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of the College of Business
Professor and Coordinator of the International Business program

In 2010, Annavarjula received Bryant’s Excellence in Teaching Award. In 2011, he was recognized with the Faculty Achievement Award for Outstanding Service as coordinator of the International Business Program and professor of international business and strategy. Under his leadership, the International Business program has risen to 16th in the country, as ranked by Bloomberg Businessweek . “At Bryant, International Business students have the added advantage of faculty who are internationally educated and have extensive experience traveling and conducting business around the world,” says Annavarjula. “We bring knowledge into the classroom that adds a dimension to students’ learning. "Our International Business students are motivated, capable, and bring a 'global mindset' to the table."

Experiential learning

Philip Sparks ‘15 
Path: International Business, Computer Information Systems, Spanish

Sparks, who served in the U.S. Marine Corps for five years, is currently enrolled at Bryant as an International Business (Computer Information Systems) major. The G.I. Bill partially covers school expenses, but because Bryant is a Yellow Ribbon School, his tuition costs are relatively low. A position with Bryant’s Laptop Central is providing experiential learning from a student/employee perspective. “The work experience I’ve been able to have on campus has been pretty outstanding to say the least,” says Sparks, who looks forward to a career in IT or management consulting. “The measure of respect that I have received as a veteran at Bryant has been overwhelming.”  

Cashless innovator

Mario Shiliashki ‘96
Senior Vice President and Group Head
U.S. Emerging Payments Lead, MasterCard Worldwide

Using cash these days can seem antiquated, when you can pay online or swipe a card for everything from a bowl at a craft fair to your taxi fare home. Mario Shiliashki ’96 helps MasterCard continue to develop “cashless” solutions. He’s head of emerging payments, developing and commercializing payment product platforms such as PayPass and Bill Payment. The globetrotting innovator started out at Goldman Sachs in New York after graduating from Bryant, later moving to London with Bain & Company, then onto PayPal as head of European Financial Planning and Analysis. Before leaving PayPal, Shiliashki took on the role of general manager in India and Southeast Asia.