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If you’re looking for a creative, dynamic, and exciting career where you can excel as a business leader and professional, you may find it in the field of marketing. Marketing is more than advertising and sales - it is any and all of the activities that influence the flow of goods, services, and ideas between producers and consumers or organizations.

Successful organizations in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors are market-driven, with an emphasis on creating long-term relationships. Technology and communication provide organizations with access to global market opportunities, opening new and exciting avenues for business professionals.

In the Marketing program, you will learn how to keep an organization responsive to its environments, while managing growth and meeting the needs of a multitude of publics. You will learn to identify and select markets; analyze consumer and organizational needs and buying behavior; forecast anticipated actions, plan and develop products; and determine packaging, pricing, logistics, distribution, selling, advertising, and sales promotion. You will also learn how to prepare and give professional presentations, develop a business plan, work as part of a team, and creatively apply technology to market your product or service.

If you are concentrating in other business areas or in the liberal arts, you can declare a Marketing minor, which will allow you to cultivate an understanding of key aspects in the field. Most organizations operate under the basic premises of marketing that include: customer-orientation, organizational integration, and long-term orientation.

Future careers, post-grad opportunities

Career opportunities in marketing are wide ranging. Recent Bryant graduates hold titles such as advertising manager, brand manager, direct marketing manager, export manager, financial security sales representative, manufacturer’s representative, media buyer, public relations specialist, or retail buyer. Our graduates are also accepted into prestigious graduate programs and law schools.

Marketing Faculty

The Marketing faculty comprises strong researchers and consultants who are experts in various industries and functions within the field of marketing. They are also outstanding teachers who bring their knowledge and expertise into the classroom to create effective and enhanced learning experiences.

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For an 18-credit concentration:

First-Year Gateway Experience

Global Foundations of Character and Leadership (GFCL100)

Global Foundations of Organizations and Business (GFOB100)

Writing Workshop (WRIT106)

Bryant IDEA: Innovation and Design Experience for All (IDEA101)

Upper-Level Gateway Requirement

Marketing Concentration Requirements

Consumer Behavior (MKT311)

Marketing Research (MKT312)

Marketing Policy and Problems (MKT412)

Three (3) Marketing Electives (Must include one 400-level elective)

Business Core Requirements

Financial and Managerial Accounting (ACG203, ACG204)

Business Policy (BUS400)

Introduction to Information Technology and Analytics (CIS201)

Financial Management (FIN201)

The Legal Environment of Business (LGLS211)

Management Principles and Practice (MGT200)
Operations Management (MGT201)
Foundations of Marketing Management (MKT201)
Liberal Arts Core Requirements
Microeconomic Principles (ECO113)
Macroeconomic Principles (ECO114)
Introduction to Literary Studies (LCS121)
Mathematical Analysis (MATH110)
Statistics I (MATH201)
Two (2) Humanities Survey Courses
Liberal Arts Distribution Requirements – Modes of Thought*
Two (2) Social Science Modes of Thought
One (1) Historical Mode of Thought (Upper Division)
One (1) Literary Mode of Thought (Upper Division)

Two (2) Scientific Modes of Thought (Include 1 Lab Science)

(One science course must be at the 300 or 400 level.)
*Nineteen (19) net credits - three (3) credits from the required liberal arts minor may be applied to this distribution.
One (1) Liberal Arts Elective

Liberal Arts Minor Requirements

Selection is made from a variety of liberal arts disciplines. Some minors require mor than 12 credits. 
Four (4) Open Electives
A minimum 122 credits are required for graduation.

For a 12-credit minor:

Consumer Behavior (MKT311)

Marketing Research (MKT312)

Two (2) Marketing electives: 

  • A maximum of one marketing elective at the 300 level
  • A minimum of one marketing elective at the 400 level

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Michael Gravier

Michael Gravier, Ph.D.
Professor of Marketing

“A lot of students come in thinking business is a way to make money or to get rich quick. Businesses are social institutions first and foremost,” says Marketing Professor Michael Gravier, Ph.D. “Businesses focus on how to get people to work together and do it in a way that everyone gets a share in the reward afterward.” Gravier, with a Ph.D. in Marketing and Logistics from the University of North Texas, teaches Business-To-Business Marketing, Marketing Research, and Special Topics in Marketing, among others. He came to Bryant after 12 years in the United States Air Force, as a logistics readiness officer, achieving the rank of major.