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Mass Communication

We are all the people formally referred to as the audience, as the new digital technologies have made us mass communicators. But, as in any field, the difference between amateurs and professionals is the level of knowledge, skill, and practice they bring to their messages.

At Bryant, you learn the ins and outs of traditional mass media in order to apply professional standards to new outlets such as blogs, podcasts, and webcasts. Learning the effects, economics, structure, and products of mass media is the first step; then, you experience the life cycle of becoming a mass media producer from idea to financing to execution to distribution to measuring effectiveness.

You can also gain hands-on experience at Bryant’s student newspaper, The Archway, the student-run radio station WJMF, and in the television studios.

Future careers, post-grad opportunities

Our students are knowledgeable in the theory of mass communication and media literacy, as well as how to prepare content for film, print journalism, and other broadcast media. They secure jobs at media outlets – newspapers, magazines, and TV stations – as well as in public relations, advertising, and human resources. They are also well prepared for graduate studies.


Sara Larrabee '13
Marketing and Communications Coordinator, New England Controls

"Every day at Bryant is an opportunity to explore your passions," says Larrabee, adding:

"Thanks to Bryant’s Amica Center and professors, I was able to land two internships before my senior year!"

Larrabee interned with The Rhode Show (WPRI-12 Fox Providence) and 92 ProFM, where she worked with the morning personalities of the top 3 Cumulus radio stations to produce Dunkin' Donuts web commercials.

"That’s in addition to my on-campus activities – writing for The Archway, president of the Media Production Club, and producing The Bryant News Broadcast. The mix of on- and off-campus involvement put me ahead of the competition."

Part of the Bryant family

Stanley Baran, Ph.D. 
Professor of Mass Communication

Now in his fourth decade at Bryant, the energetic Baran maintains an active life on campus and off.

Among Bryant's most popular teachers, this Fulbright Scholar is the author of one of the best-selling introductory mass communication texts, Introduction to Mass Communication: Media Literacy and Culture, and the top advanced mass communication theories book, Mass Communication Theory: Foundations, Ferment, and Future.

Pursuing the ideal career

Jim Hopkinson ‘91
President, Hopkinson Creative Media LLC

Hopkinson started out his career, Bryant degree in hand, as an application developer for a startup, VIS Development. Four years later, he landed his dream job as product marketing manager for ESPN.com, afterward moving to Wired.com – launching the brand’s Facebook, Twitter, newsletter, and spearheading the launch of the iPhone app as the associate marketing director. Today, he has opted for the boss-free lifestyle, as author of The Hopkinson Report. The blog and podcast teaches people how to pursue their ideal career and lifestyle; each week he takes a deep-dive approach to a topic about new media, technology, and brand.