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In our ever-changing, media-saturated culture, it is increasingly important that students see media as text - much like they do novels or textbooks. Like other media, television, music, films, cell phones, advertising, and the internet provide narratives through which we learn to identify ourselves, others and the cultures in which they live. Being media literate means you can dissect media much like you do literature, and make critical judgments about your world and the way you view that world.

As a media literacy student, you will develop the necessary skills to read, interpret, critically assess and productively use media by examining all types of content such as TV shows, movies, songs, and commercials. You will also examine media text through the eyes of children and have an opportunity to construct and conduct media literacy workshops, in area schools, grades K-12.

Media literacy is a valuable skill for anyone whose life touches that of a child- teachers, parents, community leaders, family members, service people, and just about anyone else. It is also a timely skill to set yourself apart in the workplace as businesses and corporations acclimate to the digital society.

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Your Media Literacy skills will be in demand after you graduate, particularly in the fields of education, social services, and media studies. You will also be well prepared for graduate studies.

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Wendy Samter, Ph.D.
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Susan Baran
Department of Communication

After a 16-year career in television and radio journalism, Susan Baran recognizes the need for media literacy in all school curricula. Baran experienced firsthand the changing climate of the news industry and the impact of advertising on children. She brings her expertise to the class, providing students with the necessary tools to understand their media-filled environment in a way that frees them to be more effective and socially conscious consumers.

Baran has lectured at numerous colleges on mass communication, media literacy, film studies and public speaking. She is an author, as well as a former journalist and news anchor. As founder of Bryant's media literacy program, she has established herself as a pioneer in the media literacy movement and is a member of the National Association for Media Literacy Education.