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Media production is a field that is growing and transforming. More and more, media producers expect employees to be a one-man band, fluent in all of the tools of their craft.

At Bryant, you learn how to do everything from writing the initial script to seeing your work on film through multidimensional courses designed for those unafraid of tackling a challenge from all angles.

You will write, direct, shoot, and edit film, and produce audio files in the state-of-the-art Communications Complex. Bryant’s facilities include a digital television and editing studio, allowing every production course at Bryant to be hands-on from start to finish. You will practice multi-camera and single-camera production, and edit your work on the industry-standard Avid system.

Future careers, post-grad opportunities

An understanding of the work behind a project gives you the confidence to effectively interact and communicate with media producers. Armed with the technical and soft skills you need to communicate through any medium, you can explore an array career paths, including corporate communication, journalism, and human resources.

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