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Are you fascinated by the way people view an event in vastly different ways? Do you wonder how communities of seemingly diverse perspectives agree to act for the betterment of society or an organization without compromising individual values? How can you understand issues and offer more positive actions?

The Bachelor of Arts with a major in Sociology provides you with a deep understanding of the sociological perspective that will help you discover answers to these questions.

In the Service Learning track, your courses and activities build upon the sociology core with an emphasis on a variety of forms of community engagement including volunteering with nonprofits and social entrepreneurship.

In the Social Research track, you will focus on Social Research methods that build upon the sociology core.

The Sociology concentration at Bryant offers a strong background in the fundamentals of the discipline. You learn the basic theories of sociology, sociology research methods, and how they're useful in all fields.

The Sociology minor includes two options: traditional sociology or service learning.

Future careers and post-grad opportunities

The Sociology core is combined with a broad set of liberal arts courses and a required minor in a business discipline, establishing the foundation for rewarding careers in a variety of for-profit and nonprofit settings. Bryant’s comprehensive education will prepare you for diverse careers in business, the healthcare industry, criminal justice, social services, and government. The Sociology program also provides an excellent foundation for graduate studies in areas such as sociology, business, law, education, and public policy.

Sociology faculty

The Sociology faculty are talented researchers who have published popular textbooks in sociology, authored articles on immigration and identity, and examined how to create learning opportunities for students that encourage them to be critical and inspired thinkers. These gifted teachers connect academic studies with real-world experience in problem solving through courses in data analysis and community-based learning.

For a major in Sociology, please choose one of the following tracks:


Ariana Alicea ‘12
Assistant Teacher of Personal Narrative, Adoption Rhode Island

In a directed study she developed junior year with her mentor, Sociology Professor Sandra Enos, Ph.D., Alicea identified steps states could take to better assist young adults as they age out of foster care systems.

Alicea built on that project as part of her senior Capstone project, developing a model for a business with the mission of helping these young people learn to build relationships and gain vocational skills.

“It’s important to have faculty who engage students, not only in the classroom but also in the community,” she says.


Islindy Merius '13
Studying: Sociology, Business Administration, Legal Studies

Sociology has made me feel as though I can make a significant impact in other people’s lives and, possibly, the world. I participated in two service-learning projects in the Dominican Republic and Haiti – countries to which I have traveled often. But learning about them with Professor Sandra Enos opened my eyes to their problems, and possible solutions. Both Enos and Professor David Ciliberto are amazing. They get to know students and their passion makes the subject come to life for us students as well.