A major, a concentration, and a minor

Nearly 500 million people throughout the world speak Spanish as a first or second language. The reasons you should learn Spanish are many, not the least of which is that you will be better able to communicate with Spanish-speaking clients, employees, or colleagues, a skill that makes you more marketable in any field.

Globalization, with its accompanying free trade agreements, is shrinking the business world, and with a proficiency in Spanish, you will definitely have an edge. Knowing at least one foreign language has become indispensable with the increasing economic and political interdependence of nations.

The Spanish major at Bryant will advance your development of intercultural competence. This course of study is designed to provide you with advanced proficiency in the Spanish language and a deeper understanding of Hispanic cultures. The Spanish concentration and the Spanish minor complement other majors and provide you with an advanced level of language proficiency.

At Bryant, you will not only complete Spanish language and culture courses, but also take general liberal arts and critical thinking courses and minor in a business discipline. 

Future careers, post-grad opportunities

Career opportunities with a background in Spanish can be found in an array of professional fields. Our graduates are also accepted into prestigious graduate programs and law schools worldwide.

Spanish faculty

The faculty members who teach Spanish are experienced educators and active researchers in the fields of psycholinguistics, computer-assisted language learning, and international business education.  They also make contributions in the areas of service learning, student assessment, and the pedagogy of Spanish-language film and literature.

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For a major:

First-Year Gateway Experience
Global Foundations of Character and Leadership (GFCL100)
Global Foundations of Organizations and Business (GFOB100)
Writing Workshop (WRIT106)
Bryant IDEA: Innovation and Design Experience for All (IDEA101)

Upper-Level Gateway Requirement

Spanish Major Courses

Reading and Writing I (ML-SP305) or Spanish for Heritage Speakers (ML-SP306)

Conversation and Composition (ML-SP307)

Survey of Literature in Spanish (ML-SP308)

Two (2) 400-level Spanish language courses

Five (5) additional Spanish courses. Two may be at the 200 level; the rest must be at the 300 and 400 levels.

Fifteen credits must be earned at Bryant

Liberal Arts Core Requirements

Microeconomic Principles (ECO113)

Macroeconomic Principles (ECO114)

Introduction to Literary Studies (LCS121)

Mathematical Analysis (MATH110)

Statistics I (MATH201)

Two (2) Humanities Survey Courses

*Liberal Arts Distributions – Modes of Thought

Two (2) Social Science Modes of Thought

One (1) Historical Mode of Thought (Upper Division)

One (1) Literary Mode of Thought (Upper Division)

Two (2) Scientific Modes of Thought (Include one Lab Science)

(One science course must be taken at the 300 or 400 level)

Business Minor Requirement

Selection is made from a variety of business minors (Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Global Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, International Business, Management, Marketing, Marketing Analytics, and Sales). Some minors require more than 12 credits.

Electives  - Subject to programmatic constraints, students may elect to take additional business courses beyond the required business minor, not to exceed a combined total of 30 credit hours in the College of Business.

*Modes of Thought requirements can be met by appropriate courses in the major

A minimum 122 credit hours are required for graduation.

For an 18-credit concentration:

Reading and Writing I (ML-SP305) or Spanish for Heritage Speakers (ML-SP306)

Conversation and Composition (ML-SP307)

One (1) 400 level Spanish course

Three (3) additional courses. One may be at the 200 level; At least two must be at the 300 and 400 levels.

Nine credits must be earned at Bryant

For a 12-credit minor: 

Reading and Writing I (ML-SP305) or Spanish for Heritage Speakers (ML-SP306)

One 400 level Spanish course. Spanish for Business (ML-SP404) is required for International Business majors.

Two Spanish courses. One may be at the 200 level, and at least one must be at the 300 or 400 level.

Six credits must be earned at Bryant

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Patricia Gomez
Modern Languages Lecturer

Gomez encourages competition. She views events such as the Business Language Case Competition as crucial for second-language learners because they require students to think analytically in another language. In such real-life business presentation settings, students must use secondary language skills to communicate.

“The question and answer portion is a real challenge because students have to learn to think on their feet,” Gomez noted after one contest in which the team prepared a 15-minute presentation, dissecting a case about a retail giant’s international strategy, and fielded questions from a panel of judges – all in Spanish.  


Aaron Pereira '14
Path: Accounting, Spanish

"The Spanish program at Bryant has been such a journey! Having taken classes since middle school, I never expected college Spanish to be much different. The Spanish program at Bryant has so many opportunities – the professors put in 110 percent. The classes are interesting and engaging and I am fortifying my ability to speak Spanish is a great asset."