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An internship can do more than add experience to your resume. It’s a chance for you to find a career that fits you while you develop applicable skills. And starting your junior and senior year, you can earn academic credit for your professional work.

Our students have access to top opportunities in a wide range of fields, from business to the arts. So whether you’d like to intern at a Fortune 500 company or a world-renowned art museum, you’ll be able to explore your career interests through internships that will set you apart after graduation.

Ninety-one percent of all Bryant graduates complete at least one internship. That’s because not only do Bryant students value the hands-on experience they gain from their internships, but employers value the knowledge, skills and flexible thinking that Bryant students possess.

Internships for academic credit are structured as a three-credit elective course, and can be taken during your junior or senior year. Our mentoring professors will work with you to create a learning assignment designed for your interests and goals. During your internship, you’ll reflect on your experience, and your professor will monitor your progress, providing support and guidance all along the way.

The advantages of an academic internship:

  • career-related employment that complements current academic studies
  • opportunity to investigate a career field of interest
  • valuable work experience
  • a professional network and possible mentors
  • 3 credits supervised and graded by a Bryant University faculty member

For more information, read more about internships for academic credit.