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Tuition & Fees for Study Abroad

Study abroad participants are charged the same rates that a traditional Bryant University student would be if they were studying on campus,  unless  the total charge at the host institution exceeds the comparable charges at Bryant.  Financial aid you receive is applied to all approved study abroad programs through Bryant, with the confirmation of full-time enrollment. If you receive an athletic scholarship you should contact the Financial Aid Office to inquire if your scholarship will travel with you on your study-abroad program, as this is one type of aid that may not carry over.

Meal plans are not always offered through our partner programs. If a plan is offered, you will be billed the equivalent meal plan rate through Bryant based on the number of meals per week you receive.

Regular and supplemental health insurance are also required for every student. Additional fees will apply as defined by individual partner programs. You are responsible for transportation and incidental costs.

Per-semester costs for study abroad participants during 2015-2016 academic year

  • Tuition: $19,710.50
  • Room: $4,271.00-$5,580.50
  • Meal Plan: $2,766.50-$3,005.50
  • Additional Fees: $2,500.00+ (varies based on program location)

The tuition rate is the cost of a traditional semester of study at Bryant University. The room rate is dependent upon the type of housing you receive. If you are housed in a room that is typical of Bryant on-campus dorm-style living, the fee is $4,271.00. However, in certain circumstances, participants are given the option to live alone and are housed in a facility that is typical of Bryant's on-campus townhouse-style living, so you would be charged the higher rate of $5,580.50. (This also applies to students living in a homestay.)

Any supplemental fees not limited to housing surcharges or meal plan fees may not be on your initial bill for study abroad. You will be notified via your Bryant University email address that an updated Electronic Bill (E-Bill) is ready for viewing.

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To learn more, please contact:
Study Abroad Office
Phone: (401) 232-6209 
Email:  saoffice@bryant.edu
Visit: Lower level of the Unistructure near Faculty Suite J

For information on tuition and fees:
Bursar's Office
Phone: (401) 232-6030
Email:  bursar@bryant.edu