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Orientation Leaders

Hanna Williamson '16

Hanna Williamson

Staff Coordinator

MAJOR: Communication

HOMETOWN: North Andover, MA

Bradley Adams '17

Bradley Adams

MAJOR: Entrepreneurship/Undecided

HOMETOWN: Rocky Hill, CT

Andreas Armenis '16

Andreas Armenis

MAJOR: International Business

HOMETOWN: Lynnfield, MA

Jaewon Back '16

Jaewon Back

MAJOR: International Business-Marketing

HOMETOWN: Montgomery, AL

Desiree Bencosme '15

Desiree Bencosme

MAJOR: Psychology

HOMETOWN: Lawrence, MA

Kelsey Gainor '17

Kelsey Gainor

MAJOR: Communication

HOMETOWN: Cumberland, RI

Jacob Garfinkel '17

Jacob Garfinkel

MAJOR: International Business

HOMETOWN: Greenfield, MA

Chardé Hunt-Jeanty '17

Charde Hunt-Jeanty

MAJOR: Communication


Rachel Kofman '17

Rachel Kofman

MAJOR: International Business

HOMETOWN: Longmeadow, MA

Faith Lockhart '17

Faith Lockhart

MAJOR: Marketing

HOMETOWN: Torrington, CT

Alexander Pantani '16

Alexander Pantani

MAJOR: Accounting

HOMETOWN: Branford, CT

Kevin Power '17

Kevin Power

MAJOR: Marketing

HOMETOWN: Bridgewater, MA

Jared Saunders '17

Jared Saunders

MAJOR: Actuarial Math/Psychology

HOMETOWN: Litchfield, NH

Jack St. Andre '17

Jack St. Andre

MAJOR: International Business

HOMETOWN: Southborough, MA

Vivian Tejada '17

Vivian Tejada

MAJOR: International Business

HOMETOWN: Providence, RI

Kevin Tejada '16

Kevin Tejada

MAJOR: Accounting


Lexi Zafonte '16

Lexi Zafonte

MAJOR: International Business-Management