Smithfield Friends and Neighbors

Smithfield residents and businesses have access to a variety of University programs and resources that help to develop a strong community, a thriving economy, and a vibrant quality of life.

Examples of resources and programs

The facts about Bryant's contributions to Smithfield

Bryant makes significant economic, educational, social and cultural contributions to Smithfield and to the state of Rhode Island.

  • The University generates more than $17 million for the local economy each year, benefiting retailers, restaurants, hotels,  and many other businesses in town.
  • Smithfield already receives approximately $500,000 from the State of Rhode Island to pay for the public safety services required for Bryant University.
  • Bryant already contributes more than $300,000 in voluntary services and benefits, including scholarships and the Town's annual Independence Day celebration, in addition to the $600,000 that it pays for water and sewer costs (at a rate that subsidizes the individual household rate).
  • Bryant has 700 employees, many of whom live and shop in Smithfield. The University employs thousands more through activities including construction and purchasing.
  • Bryant students contribute time, money and talent to Smithfield and causes they believe in.

Negotiations with the Smithfield Town Council

Bryant has an important stake in the continued success of Smithfield and looks forward to working with the Smithfield Town Council, with the goal of negotiating a Memorandum of Understanding that recognizes both the important role Bryant plays in the community and the interests of Smithfield residents.

The nationally recognized firm of Charles River Associates has been engaged to work with the town in developing a methodology and calculating the actual costs the town incurs to deliver public safety services to Bryant.

We're confident that the University and the Town Council can reach an equitable agreement.