Published 12/12/13

Fueling growth through the Bryant Fund

Excerpted from the Fall 2013 issue of Bryant magazine

Rotunda overviewThe Bryant Fund supports nearly every aspect of academic and student life—providing crucial resources that often make the difference between an ordinary education and an extraordinary one.

Flexible-use annual support -- the kind provided through the Bryant Fund -- is particularly vital, keeping Bryant agile and able to address areas of greatest need.

Significant alumni participation as donors is also a key indicator of a strong university, sending a positive message to prospective students, as well as corporations and foundations, boosting our rankings in publications such as BusinessWeek and U.S. News & World Report, and increasing the power of a Bryant degree.

Bryant students explore important ideas, connect with renowned faculty, and engage with leaders of business, government, and non-profit organizations. They gain real-world knowledge by completing internships in Washington, D.C., on Wall Street, and around the world. They acquire a global skill-set studying abroad on six continents. And when they graduate, they succeed at rates that other colleges envy.

Opportunities such as these are possible because of the Bryant Fund.

Creating opportunity

When Mirghavamaddin  Bozorgmir  ’83 MBA, chairman and CEO, Mutual of America Capital Management Corporation, attended a recent alumni event in New York City and saw the trajectory Bryant was on, his interest in his graduate school alma mater was renewed. “I was impressed with where President Machtley was taking the University,” he says. “To go from a small, regional school to one that’s truly international is remarkable.”

“I’d rather not put limitations on where Bryant can use my donations."

Every time he interacted with Bryant, Bozorgmir walked away from the encounter more inspired than before. A world traveler for business and for pleasure, he appreciates the value and insight that a culturally aware person possesses.

 Though he and his wife, Angela, support many organizations, Bozorgmir feels strongly about making Bryant one of their philanthropic priorities. And they choose to support The Bryant Fund with a generous leadership gift to its flexible-use area because of the confidence they have in the University’s leaders.

“I’d rather not put limitations on where Bryant can use my donations,” he says. “When I see management of the caliber that you have at Bryant, I’m confident they know where my money will have the most impact.”

Richard Greifer ’61 had been a consistent donor to the Bryant Fund for more than a decade before his death in 2011. Originally from the East Side of Providence, RI, Greifer received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. A successful efficiency improvement consultant, he retired at the age of 50 and spent most of his time in Hollywood, FL.

Greifer credited his business success to Bryant and wanted to create a significant legacy by naming the University as a beneficiary in his will. A percentage of his estate provided flexible-use funds while reducing estate taxes for his loved ones. Bequests to Bryant—no matter the size— have a long-lasting impact on students, faculty, the curriculum, and programs.