International Vision


At a time when the world is more interconnected than ever, a global perspective of intercultural knowledge and competency is a prerequisite for success. Bryant has long prepared students for leadership, and our bold initiatives of the last decade have positioned the University as an emerging leader in international education.

Our strategic plan, Vision 2020: Expanding the World of Opportunity, contains several key initiatives to make sure our students are fully prepared and ready to make a difference in an age of unlimited global opportunity. And it all starts with changing the way you look at the world.


From your very first semester, the Global Foundations sequence, part of Bryant’s nationally recognized First-Year Gateway Experience, helps to expand your world. Centered on fundamental questions about the role of the individual, the interdisciplinary Gateway sets the stage for you to explore the global foundations of character and leadership, and of organizations and business.


Starting in your second year, we will ensure that 100 percent of our students have a significant international experience, with an increasing number living and learning abroad. The Sophomore International Experience is a key component of this effort. Students tell us their sophomore experience is powerful and pivotal; very frequently it provides the inspiration and confidence to pursue continued study abroad.


For all students and faculty within our learning community, the University plans to expand its network of strategic outposts and international collaborations with partners in countries including India and China.

The Chinese Ministry of Education in Beijing recently approved a cooperative agreement between Bryant University and Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai, to collaboratively educate students on Bryant’s campus and in Zhuhai. Ground was broken in spring 2015 for new facility that will house the cooperative program for its first three years.

“Bryant has been bold in reimagining the future, and our innovative programs prepare graduates to meet emerging challenges head-on. We have recently undertaken several key initiatives that have reinforced our foundation for a Bryant of even greater enduring strength in the future – a Bryant University that contributes significantly to the larger world through the leaders we produce.”

Ronald K. Machtley
Bryant University President