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Published 08/30/12

Bryant’s flagship medium has a new look and feel

An organization’s website is the most crucial source of information for both its internal community and outside audiences.

Bryant.edu has been restructured to more clearly communicate our Bryant story [to those unfamiliar with the University].

As we look forward to the start of the new academic year, Bryant is pleased to launch a new www.bryant.edu site. Working with industry experts and following the best practices in higher education, the content on bryant.edu has been restructured to more clearly communicate our Bryant story from the perspective of current students and other external constituencies.

Streamlined navigation and content

The new site features simplified navigation aligned with the key themes of our brand and Vision 2020 strategic plan.Website Screen shot

Nearly 5,000 pages have been consolidated into just over 500, and the University’s marketing and public relations staff – the University Relations Department – is now responsible for the ongoing maintenance and oversight of the information presented.

Later this fall, the web microsites for the Amica Center, Graduate School of Business, and Executive Development Center will be upgraded to coordinate with the bryant.edu site.

We encourage you to explore the new website. If you have comments, questions, or concerns, please direct them to University Relations at siteedit@bryant.edu.