Published 01/31/14

Quotes from health care community regarding Bryant's new Physician Assistant Program

"To excel in health care today, you must have the skills to not only succeed but to maintain a competitive advantage. To do that, you must develop depth of knowledge and critical thinking skills. That’s why I got my MBA, and got it at Bryant University. Bryant knows business. Their competitive advantage helped me gain mine – and it will help you too.” 

– Sandra Coletta '88 MBA, Chief Operating Officer, Care New England and CEO, Kent Hospital

"Bryant University's new physician assistant program will build a healthier Rhode Island. Physician assistants are key players on the primary health care team, and the primary care team is our best defense against disease, and an effective and affordable way to treat it. Bravo, Bryant, for supporting public health."

– Michael Fine, M.D., Director, Rhode Island Department of Health

"At Alpert Medical School, we recognize that community partnerships benefit us all. That is why Brown has chosen to partner with Bryant to provide physician assistant candidates with access to our state-of-the- art anatomy suite, library resources, and world-class anatomy faculty and staff."

– Michele Cyr, M.D., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Division of Biology and Medicine, Professor of Medicine, Brown University 

"Physician assistants examine and manage patients, write prescriptions, and assist with procedures and surgery. We work in hospitals, emergency centers, clinics, and doctors' offices.  PAs help make health care accessible – and excellent – for all. That’s why we’re in demand.”

– Victoria Miller, Chief Physician Assistant, Surgery, Care New England Health System

“Great relationships make great health care. A strong team, and a strong connection between the team and patients, is key to primary care. At Southcoast, we are eager to work with Bryant graduate students and to teach them how to be great team players.”

– Robert Caldas, DO, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President, Southcoast Hospitals Group

“I was a practicing physician assistant for 30 years, and can report that it’s a deeply rewarding career. You’re challenged. You’re respected. You play a vital role on the health care team. Choosing a career as a PA is a decision you’ll never regret.”

– Jim Carney, President, Rhode Island Academy of Physician Assistants

“We built Bryant’s Physician Assistant program with students at the center. You'll be introduced to concepts by the best faculty, learn with the best peers, then apply your new knowledge in small teams. You'll learn public health and business principles – giving you an edge in today’s rapidly changing health care market. At Bryant, you will learn to work on a dynamic health care team and be prepared to increase access to high quality care. Join the inaugural class in January of 2015.”

– Robert Jay Amrien, Director, Physician Assistant Program, Bryant University