Published 04/21/14

What students and parents have said about Orientation

Student comments

  • "I had a great time at Orientation and look forward to the fall."
  • "I loved Orientation! I made great new friends, I learned a whole lot more about the school, and I got more familiar with where everything is. I cannot wait to move in on August 31st!"
  • "I loved it and I wish I could go to another!  CAN'T WAIT FOR MOVE-IN DAY!!"
  • "My Orientation Leader was great!!"
  • "I had a blast at Orientation!  It was very helpful and I can't wait to return in August."
  • "The OL's did a great job making everyone feel welcome."
  • "It was a great program and I had a lot of fun. Thank you!"

Parent comments

  • "It was outstanding.  I left Bryant University knowing that my daughter definitely made the right choice.  I was so impressed with all of the staff, resources and facilities."
  • "As a first-time college parent, I was thrilled about the amount of useful information I gathered in two days."
  • "It was very well-run and organized.  The amount of information, while at times overwhelming, was greatly appreciated!  The number of students who are so active at Bryant is a great testament to a successful university.  Of course the gorgeous campus doesn't hurt the experience either!!!  Thanks so much!"
  • "What a great experience it was.  My son can't wait to start his college career, and I am so glad that we chose Bryant University."
  • "Great job! The Orientation staff was great. There was always someone there to point me in the right direction, and they were always happy to show me the way."
  • "It was all in all a very impressive experience.  Everybody at Bryant has their act firmly together."
  • "My son applied to a number of schools and Bryant showed the most interest and took the most professional and complete approach, including the Orientation. Very well done from the day he applied. Thank you."
  • "It was a great 2 days, we are so excited our daughter will be attending Bryant in the fall!!!"
  • "Overall I continue to be very impressed with the Bryant campus, students, faculty and staff."
  • "Came away feeling my son has made an excellent choice for his higher education. Very pleased with the overall feel of the Bryant community."
  • "I applaud everyone involved in putting together this Orientation. It was very well done and enjoyable and informative. So many questions answered. I am now more comfortable than I already had been with sending (my daughter) to Bryant. I left there excited for her and what her future holds. Thank you."