Bryant Stories

150 years of veterans

Bryant’s unique 150-year history of growth and innovation can be traced back to when Civil War veterans wisely sought to invest their “mustering out” pay in a Bryant education.


150 years of athletics

Today's NCAA Division 1 Bryant Bulldogs are a culmination of the hard work of dedicated student-athletes throughout Bryant history, instilling spirit and pride in the Bryant community.


Bryant's Archway tradition

Visitors to our campus may wonder, "what is that gate doing in the middle of a walkway, and why do all the students walk around it?" Here's the story behind one of Bryant's oldest traditions.


Be a source of career information

You can make a world of difference to new graduates, young alumni, or those alumni thinking about a career change. Sign up for the Alumni Career Link and choose your participation level.


Jim Hopkinson '91: Pursuing the ideal career (and salary)

This entrepreneurial alumnus has created his own career in the new economy. Read his take on how media and technology are changing everything.


Machtley and Machtley: a profile of the University's First Couple

The average college president stays seven years. Ron Machtley, in partnership with his wife, Kati, has steered the Bryant ship for 17 years. The Providence Journal takes a look at their dedication to Bryant - and to one another.


Chinese education delegation, Bryant sign new partnership agreements

Led by the vice minister of education for the People’s Republic of China, representatives from China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) and the Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai visited campus April 7th.


Archway Investment Fund redefines classroom experience

The fund affords select students the opportunity to manage a real portfolio of $730,000 and pushes them to break out of the "semester only" mindset.


Bringing real-world experience into the classroom

Lori Coakley, Ph.D., an award-winning associate professor of management, is a sought-after consultant whose courses take her students beyond textbook theories.


An interdisciplinary approach to teaching and research

Jeff Cabusao, Ph.D., assistant professor of English and Cultural Studies, helps students develop multiple filters for reading the world around them.


Teaching with a view toward a multicultural workplace

Award-winning Professor James Segovis, Ph.D., takes a global perspective when he teaches management, leadership, entrepreneurship, and organizational transformation.


Entrepreneurial alumni test the water and swim with sharks

The 3rd annual New Venture Competition - the University's version of "Shark Tank" - asks the tough questions...but helps entrants find easy answers, too.