Slim pickings in WW2 kitchens

"America entered World War II after Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor 70 years ago today. With the vast majority of the nation's resources going, soon after that, toward defense production, rationing and shortages of consumer goods were very much a part of the American home-front experience," Judy Barrett Litoff, professor of history in the College of Arts and Sciences, writes in "Holiday Spam cooked in butter on R.I.'s home front."

Her commentary, which takes a look at how one Rhode Islander coped with such shortages, draws from more than 30,000 letters that are part of the University's U.S. Women and World War II Letter Writing Project.

Litoff has written many books about the experiences of women during World War II. The latest is Dancing with Colonels: A Young Woman's Adventures in Wartime Turkey, for which she served as editor.

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