President Machtley Leads Strategic Vision 2020

From the New Century Plan for Excellence to Strategic Vision 2020

When Ronald K. Machtley became Bryant’s president in 1996, he was faced with a nationwide enrollment trough and five empty dormitories. The Bryant Board of Trustees charged President Machtley with developing a strategic vision. Machtley’s response was the New Century Plan for Excellence. By developing a clearly articulated mission and implementing thoughtful, comprehensive strategic planning, Machtley and his leadership team transformed Bryant College into Bryant University and ignited a cultural shift within the institution. The University fulfilled the goals of the New Century Plan for Excellence two years ahead of schedule. With the successful completion of the subsequent Vision 2010 plan, President Machtley, Bryant’s Senior Leadership Team, and the Board of Trustees have set the course for Bryant’s future with Strategic Vision 2020 guided by the principles of academic and student life excellence, globalization, and differentiation for delivering education in the 21 st Century.

“The entire Bryant community will be bold in re-imagining the future,” said President Machtley. "Bryant University is well positioned, prepared, and mobilized toward a successful future."

A Clear Mission
Vision 2010 defined Bryant as "a student-centered University, focused on excellence, that ensures every student will achieve their personal best in life and their chosen profession.”
Consistent with and continuing our tradition of innovation, that mission has evolved and expanded with the recognition that every part of life and every profession requires multi-disciplinary understanding and a global perspective. A Bryant education brings into clear focus the complex challenges and abundant opportunities for students as they create their path in the increasingly interconnected world in which they will live and work.

Moving forward toward a global Vision for 2020, Bryant is committed to its mission for the future: "Delivering exceptional education for success in an age of unlimited global opportunity.”

Strategic Pillars

The mission and vision are upheld and driven by four strategic pillars:  

Integration of Academic and Student Life - putting multi-disciplinary theory into meaningful practice

in all parts of the Bryant experience. 

Global Perspective - understanding the interconnectedness of nations and cultures in an age of unlimited

global opportunity. 

Innovation and Creativity in the content and delivery of education. Always moving forward;

never standing still.

Character and leadership - the institution, its students, faculty, staff, and alumni addressing

the needs of industry and society. Making contributions that make a lasting difference. 

Just the Beginning 
The significant changes implemented under Machtley’s focused, grounded vision for Bryant’s future have enhanced every aspect of the University. Enrollments are up by more than 40 percent, with the arts and sciences community growing steadily. Revenue has doubled. Students can now participate in or root for 22 varsity Division I sports. The endowment has increased from $96.4 to $170 million. These are just a few highlights in 12 years of change and growth that have prepared the organization to achieve its goals.

Moving forward 
Bryant’s present and future stand on the shoulders of the success that began 150 years ago. Strategic Vision 2020 is the path forward. Every member of the Bryant community is called upon to join the mission and to be a part of achieving continued success for the institution and its students.