Published 06/04/13

Christina Nadolny '13: Biology research opened an unexpected career path

Majors: Biology, Psychology
Minor: Business Administration
Path: URI graduate school, Ph.D. candidate in pharmaceutical sciences; concentrating in pharmacology and toxicology 

Working in the lab at Bryant provided "hands-on experience that you [can’t] get at a lot of other undergraduate schools,” says Christina Nadolny ’13, a biology and psychology double major who spent last summer working with one of her professors, Christopher Reid, Ph.D.

Expanding her study interests to the sciences transformed Nadolny’s career expectations.

Reid and Nadolny looked at the effect of inhibitors on different gram-positive and gram-negative organisms with the goal of finding a new target for antibiotics. “I was excited to explain to people what I did over the summer, how it was important, and how it would be influential,” says Nadolny. She and Professor Reid presented their results at a poster session at the University of Rhode Island.

“What sets Bryant apart from other schools is that it gives you a great business background and liberal arts background," she says. "It makes you very well rounded so that you understand not only business culture, but [also] how to relate to people, how to interact with people. That’s not something that you could get at other schools. It’s something that you learn through the experience at Bryant.”

A math whiz, Nadolny came to Bryant thinking she’d follow in her parents’ footsteps, going into either finance or accounting, but quickly realized that wasn’t the path for her. “I’m glad [Bryant] offered different courses that [were] able to broaden my horizon.”

Expanding her study interests to the sciences transformed Nadolny’s career expectations. She is now working toward her Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Rhode Island.

“Bryant helped me to achieve my career goals by being supportive,” she says. “They want you to love what you do and they want you to succeed.”

Bryant's faculty "are wonderful. They really get to know who you are and what you want to do. They genuinely care about your future,” adds Nadolny.