Bryant offers a range of meal plans that allow you to make choices suited to your appetite and preferences.

The basic plans all include guaranteed meals at Salmanson Dining Hall in the Unistructure. Flexible Dining Dollars and Bulldog Bucks are available on all plans too, and guest passes are included for when you're treating a friend.

Meal at Salmanson Dining Hall

You may select your meal plan based on your desired eating habits and academic schedule. There are 19, 14, 10, or 7 meal plans designed for students living on campus during the academic year. The meal plan gives you the opportunity to enjoy all you care to eat dining for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Salmanson Dining Hall. You receive your selected number of guaranteed meals per week each semester, and each time you eat in the dining hall one meal is subtracted from your balance.

Dining Dollars
All meal plans come with Dining Dollars. These are dollars that enhance your meal plan by adding greater flexibility depending on your dining habits. For instance, the 14 meal plan offers you a guaranteed 14 meals per week with $125 in dining dollars per semester to balance your lifestyle on campus. Dining Dollars are accepted like cash at  Salmanson,Café in the Rotunda and at Bulldog Bytes Cafe. Dining Dollars work on the same principle as an ATM or debit card. You can draw from your Dining Dollars for beverages, snacks, or full meals for you and your friends at any time.

Your Dining Dollars are not to be confused with Bulldog Bucks . Bulldog Bucks can be used at any time during the fall or spring semesters at selected outlets across campus. Bulldog Bucks may be used for food purchases, as well items in the bookstore, and can be transferred to your vending stripe for vending and copying.

Unused Bulldog Bucks and Dining Dollars will carry over from Fall or Spring semesters. Dining Dollars are nontransferable and nonrefundable . All unused Dining Dollars will expire after the spring semester. Additional Dining Dollars may be purchased at the Dining Services Office. Additional Bulldog Bucks may be purchased at Auxiliary Services. If you lose your card, please contact the Dining Services Office and Public Safety, immediately to protect your plan.

Bulldog Bucks can be purchased online or by calling Bryant Auxiliary Services at (401) 232-6035.