Four-Year Career Plan

Career planning is a lifelong process that is best started early. The Amica Center, recognized by Princeton Review as one of the top ten career centers in the country, is an unmatched resource.

Bryant’s integrated curriculum lets you combine the best of both worlds, the liberal arts and business, so you’ll want to explore combinations of majors and minors as you discover potential career options. Starting in your first year, a career counselor is available to discuss your interests and help you conduct a career self-assessment. Career Planning 101 is a five-session course designed to help you discover where in the world of work you might get the greatest satisfaction.

In your sophomore year, you’ll be encouraged to take on a leadership role in a group project and/or in one of nearly 100 different clubs and organizations on campus. This will help you learn to build effective teams, manage efforts for maximum impact, and understand which leadership and communication styles work best for you. Our career counselors are eager to help you explore internships, particularly if you’re planning to study abroad. Alumni in your field are here to help too. In addition to hosting interns, Bryant alumni offer career shadowing opportunities and serve as mentors willing to share career and industry advice.

By your junior year you’ll be ready to update your resume and have it critiqued. You’ll also want to take advantage of Bryant’s online resources and use mock interviews to hone your interviewing skills. The Amica Center offers a multitude of programs and networking opportunities. Career fairs and the corporate recruiting program connect you with more than 350 companies, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations looking for Bryant talent.

When you get to be a senior, the chances are good that you’ll already have a clear path in mind. Whether you choose to go on to graduate school or are ready to begin your career, you’ll be ready. The Bryant CareerConnection is a crucial resource for employment opportunities, and many students find that their internships lead directly to full-time positions. For the past several years, more than 98 percent of graduates are employed or enrolled within six months of commencement- even in today’s difficult economy.

Amica Center

Bryant University’s nationally recognized Amica Center for Career Education connects you with a wealth of resources, including events and workshops, alumni mentors, and prospective employers. More than 350 companies, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations participate in recruiting programs and career fairs on campus.

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