A headshot of Alexandra Aubron.

Alexandra Aubron '19


Herouville, France

“If you want to achieve big things, you have to be challenged,” says Alexandra Aubron ’19. That’s why she came to Bryant. “I knew I wouldn’t just be getting a degree here, or just ticking boxes. I was getting the whole experience. That's what made the difference for me, compared to other schools.”

For Aubron, who loves to travel and explore new ideas, the International Business Program was a perfect fit. “Professor Ramirez was always completely transparent with us that IB was a challenging program, but that we were going to get great support throughout our four years here as well,” she says.   

The real-world experience she gained from her Bryant coursework, including practicum courses where she developed real solutions for international companies, gave her an edge, says Aubron, who concentrated her IB studies in Global Supply Chain Management and Applied Analytics. ““A course like the practicum, where we can actually apply what we’ve been learning in the classroom and see what we’re truly capable of, means a lot to us.”

That experience and Aubron’s hard work have led to a position with the Prysmian Group, a world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry.  At Prysmian, Aubron joined 43 other graduates representing 19 countries in a program that will take her around the world and enhance her understanding of a wide range of aspects of the supply chain industry.

“There were two big things I wanted when I was looking for a job,” she explains. “The first was that I didn’t just want to be working at a global company, I wanted to travel abroad and live overseas. And the second part was that I wanted to keep discovering new things.

“At Prysmian, I got both.”

As part of the Prysmian interview process, Aubron worked on a case study with a team of other applicants. “I thought, ‘Oh that was easy.’ Because of what we had done in class, it felt just like the projects I’d done at Bryant,” she says. “I didn't feel stressed at all.”

Real World Experience


President, Supply Chain Leadership Association
• Organized networking opportunities with supply chain professionals as well as informational sessions on topics relating to the supply chain industry

Resident Assistant
• Served as academic and social resource for 47 junior and senior students residing in campus townhouses
• Organized several monthly programs to develop a supportive and safe community on campus

Peer Counselor, 4Mile
• Served as a contact person and social mentor at orientation for new international and multicultural students

Chair of European countries, International Student Organization
• Worked to promote cultural awareness and a cooperative spirit within the Bryant community and the world

Student Ambassador
• Shared information about Bryant with prospective students through campus tours and meetings

Study Abroad

• Studied at the University of Auckland, New Zealand
• Sophomore International Experience, Chile and Argentina


Service Supply Chain Intern, Schneider Electric, West Kingston, RI
• Developed Excel tools to effectively share information among distribution centers, repair centers, and the planning department and effectively track the repairs of refurbished product as part of reverse logistics
• Assisted project manager in the collection of information through use of various ERP systems including Oracle and Q2C
• Managed daily order releases and additional individual internal orders against factories across Europe and Asia to satisfy demand

International Business Practicum
• Assisted a local company in developing a new product line in Germany as part of consulting project

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