A headshot of Danielle Veith.

Danielle Veith '19


Fairfield, CT


Dedicated teachers inspire a passionate student committed to being a educator who cares.

As a student pursuing her Master’s degree in Teaching of English for grades 7-12 at Columbia University Teachers College, Danielle Veith ’19 draws inspiration from the educators who helped shape her. “I couldn't have had better examples to follow. All of my Literary and Cultural Studies professors at Bryant were amazing in so many different ways,” says Veith. “I’ve learned so much from them that I will definitely use in my own classrooms.”

“A good teacher, first and foremost, cares – and not just about your grades. They care about your well-being as a person, about your growth,” she explains. “Good teachers make everyone feel valued.”

That, she says, is what she experienced at Bryant. “My professors didn’t just know my name. They knew what I needed as a student, what I wanted to do, and how to work with me to get me there,” Veith says, pointing to Professor of English and Cultural Studies Theresa Hasseler, Ph.D., as a mentor who constantly challenged her to improve her writing and consider the role creativity plays in writing, communicating, and learning. 

An educational psychology course with Associate Professor of Psychology Allison Butler, Ph.D., introduced her to key psychological principles, theories, and methodologies vital to teaching and learning in diverse settings. “She is everything I want to be in a teacher,” says Veith. “Just being a part of her course was so inspiring.”

Classes with Professor of English and Cultural Studies Tom Roach, Ph.D., helped her consider the good she could do in the world. “It made me think about my role as a part of a larger society, as well as the role that teachers play,” says Veith.

She applies the lessons she learned at Bryant every day as a student teacher in an 11th grade AP English course at a school in Manhattan, her second placement.  “Teachers, especially English teachers, have such a powerful position and they can really motivate people,” Veith says. “They help students become more informed citizens, and more responsible members of society.”

She’s ready to take on that challenge. “I'm doing something I love,” says Veith. “I’m helping people see what they're capable of and what they can create, just like my teachers did for me.”

Real World Experience


Intern, State Attorney’s Office
• Observed arraignments, took detailed notes for the prosecuting attorney, organized files, and compiled summaries of cases

Editorial Intern, C&G Media
• Fact-checked stories as part of the editorial team
• Wrote stories, interviewed featured designers and gathered information


Writing Consultant, Bryant Academic Center for Excellence
• Worked with students seeking help with writing assignments in all subject areas
• Took part in monthly training seminars about how to assist in all stages of the writing process, from draft to final paper

Dance Teacher, Lenihan School of Irish Dance
• Teaches dance and helps dancers of all ages train for competition. Also participate as a team member and soloist in regional, national, and international competitions


Council Member, Dean’s Advisory Board
• Shared student recommendations with department chairs and the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences as a representative of Bryant’s Literature and Cultural Studies program.

Vice President of Education and Executive Board Member, Delta Zeta Sorority
• Educated new members about their responsibilities and sorority resources
• Worked with 80 members to maintain high academic standards.
• Served on the sorority’s executive board

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