A headshot of Jacob Schurch.

Jacob Schurch '18


Hatfield, MA

Major Finance

Adding concentrations in Information Systems and Analytics and in Applied Analytics is preparing this finance student for a career on the cutting edge of "fintech."

“Everybody has a different style for investing,” says Jacob Schurch ’18. “You have to take the objective knowledge you have and apply it in your own way – and that’s fascinating to me.”

At Bryant, Schurch took that idea to heart, pursuing his interests in finance, programming, and analytics, and synthesizing them into a unique path. He currently is a member of the Advisory Staff at EY in Boston.

“As the finance industry evolves, we’re starting to see the rise of ‘fintech,’ which combines technology with financial work” Schurch says. “The people who are able to utilize and understand both finance and technology will be ready to take the lead in those roles.”

Bryant’s Archway Investment Fund, a distinctive two-course program that provides students with experience managing a real portfolio worth more than $1 million, allowed him to see what it’s like to have a career in finance. “There are so many skills you’re able to learn in the program,” says Schurch, “and there’s a lot of responsibility.”

“We need to make sure we have the correct figures and the right analysis, and we need to be able to properly act on them,” he says. “If we’re not able to do all these things, we’re going to make a bad move in the market.”

He believes that the diverse elements of his time at Bryant, including internships, innovative classwork and engaging co-curricular activities, unite in a seamless whole.

“Bryant really stresses continuous learning,” says Schurch. “You take what you’ve learned in the classroom and apply it to real-world experience like internships or Archway, and then bring the lessons you’ve learned there back to the classroom.”

Real World Experience


Business Advisory FSO Intern for EY
• Consulted for financial services offices, focusing on companies regarded as either banks or capital market firms; assisted in improving efficiency

Investment advisor intern for Brae Head Inc.
• Interned with the president of Brae Head Inc. learning about the stock investment process; implemented new methods of analyzing clients' portfolios from a manual to semi-automatic process through Excel and Python scripting


Research assistant for Applied Analytics program
• Wrote a Python script that helps create data visualizations that show the appointing and approving power held by elected officials from every state

Peer Tutoring

CIS/Applied Analytics Peer Tutor for Bryant’s Academic Center for Excellence
• Helped reinforce learning and further understanding of technical information for students, especially regarding Excel and SAS; became Bryant’s first analytics tutor


Analytics Manager, Community Activism Leadership Organization
• Examined market trends for schools, non-profits, and businesses throughout the U.S., created Social Good analytics and data visualizations

Academic Organizations

Bryant Finance Association
• Networked with other finance students and engaged with programming providing education about finance issues and opportunities

Bryant Technology and Applied Analytics Club (TAAC)
• Networked with like-minded students, offered instruction in the Python programming language

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