A headshot of Yuliandra Henriquez.

Yuliandra Henriquez '19


East Providence, RI


A network of encouraging mentors helped a Human Resources Management major to develop the skills to become a leader.

An education, Yuliandra Henriquez ’19 explains, is more than the sum of its parts. “I’ve been able to use everything that I’ve learned,” she says, “and make it into something new – and better.”

“I'm an HR management major, but I'm also learning other subjects like accounting, finance, and marketing, which is great because I'm still going to need those aspects to succeed in my HR management career,” Henriquez notes. 

Sometimes the connections between her courses and her future were immediately apparent, like with her Global Human Resources management course with Professor Diya Das, Ph.D., in which she learned about international labor law and logistics.  “Professor Das makes you go above and beyond,” says Henriquez. “Just when you think that you know everything, she hits you with even more information or a new perspective.”

Other connections were more unexpected, such as the Fieldwork in Local Communities elective she took with Professor Alex Perullo, Ph.D. “The class was amazing,” she says. “I learned so much about research, communities, and culture. It also teaches you how to observe, which is something you don’t always realize is as important as it is.”

Her multinational business simulation course, during which she ran a simulated shoe company, and International Business Practicum, in which she worked as a consultant with a real company on a real project, helped her figure out how to bring it all together. “You’re using all the skills and all the knowledge that you learned from your previous classes,” she says.

Henriquez’s education extended beyond the classroom as well. Mentors such as Intercultural Center Coordinator Kevin Martins and Coordinator of the Hochberg Women’s Center Kelly Boutin “helped me discover who I am by pushing me to go beyond my limits and do things that I didn't think I would be able to do,” she says.

The summer of her junior year, Henriquez interned with Travelers Insurance’s Human Resources Leadership Development Program. Impressed with her work, the company offered her a position in its two-year rotational program that develops high-potential employees into future Human Resources leaders, which she accepted. “They saw that I was well-rounded, and had a wider range of skills than some of the other interns,” says Henriquez. “They also saw that I was determined and that it’s important to me that I keep learning and doing the best job I can.”

Real World Experience


Co-President, aDvANCEd Evolution Dance team
• Organized Bryant's student-run hiphop club

Co-Director of i2i / Vice President of International Student Organization
• Led a team to develop a cultural awareness event, including handling logistical and technical aspects

Project Coordinator, PwC Center for Diversity and Inclusion
• Coordinated with multiple campus organizations on marketing, programming, and promoting events that increased awareness and advocacy
• Organized and executed an International Women’s Day event

Study Abroad

University of Salamanca, Spain
• Studied and interned abroad for a semester through Bryant’s International Business Program


Travelers Insurance, Human Resources Leadership Development Program Intern
• Supported multiple HR Generalists within the Personal Insurance sector across a variety of disciplines, including compensation, recruiting, and analytics
• Recommended employee performance benchmarks for manager midyear evaluation reviews
• Created analyses to identify trends within business operations using internal HR analytics systems

Intern, IDímas (Salamanca, Spain)
• Created a social media marketing strategy to increase the number of followers and viewers.
• Revamped IDímas social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
• Supported and evaluated project proposals for IDímas clients, which were ultimately reviewed by the EU Commission

Start Master Advisory Intern, PwC
• Created a platform to encourage staff in the Northeast to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and propose innovative ideas
• Demonstrated strong communication skills through presentations to PwC staff and partners

Social Media Intern, AJ Marketing Group LLC.
• Researched various local advertising outlets and agencies to finalize a marketing strategy
• Promoted AJ Marketing Group through multiple media channels


Peer Counselor, 4MILE (Multicultural and International Leadership Experience)
• Served as a mentor for international and multicultural students

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