Take Action

Here are just some of the ways you can have a hand in building a sustainable campus and culture.

Join a club

Bryant Enactus' Green Team: Enactus is an international nonprofit organization of students, faculty and corporate leaders who focus on creating entrepreneurial sustainable solutions for community issues through outreach programs. 

SCI (Scientific Community Initiative): This student organization promotes conservation and sustainability on campus through outreach and campaigns, guest speakers, and working with local organizations such as Save the Bay, Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, and Audubon Society.

The Community Activism and Leadership Organization (CALO) focuses on directing student effort toward social good. The Green Initiative primarily focuses on finding sustainable solutions to environmental challenges and opportunities on campus and in the surrounding community

For alumni

Alumni interested in contributing to green projects on and off campus may join the Green Alumni Alliance. The group currently seeks interested alumni who  have careers or interests related to sustainability. Please contact sustainablity@bryant.edu to learn more.

For faculty

Faculty Sustainability Workshop Series. EcoMotion is happy to facilitate any workshops or trainings for faculty who want to become more engaged in Bryant's sustainability initiative. Example: How to infuse sustainability into the curriculum across disciplines. Please contact sustainablity@bryant.edu to learn more.

Green your workspace

Green Office Programs focus on reducing waste and energy use within departments. For support contact sustainability@bryant.edu

Green your ride