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We combine business and the arts and sciences in a relevant, real world context that empowers you to turn ideas into action.

Inspired to make an impact, from the start

Today's interconnected, fast-moving world asks more from college graduates—so an education that goes beyond the traditional to educate and inspire has become an unequivocal prerequisite for success.

That’s why at Bryant University you’ll study in programs that are recognized nationally for innovation. And you’ll do so with the help of world-class faculty, here to mentor and propel you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Here you’ll experience our path-breaking integration of business and the liberal arts, infused with an emphasis on international perspectives and creative problem-solving. Plus, you’ll choose from more than 300 major and minor combinations to pursue what interests you. And with career experiences and hands-on learning woven throughout your journey, it’s where the classroom meets the real world. 

Honors Program

In addition to the challenging curriculum at Bryant, we offer programs and opportunities for achievement-oriented students looking to dive deeper into their studies within a mentoring environment. In our Honors Program, you’ll join a group of some of our most talented, driven applicants.     

  • You'll participate in classroom discussions that are more sophisticated than the norm.

  • You will enroll in honors courses in both the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Business.

  • Your senior capstone research project incorporates a close working relationship with one or more faculty mentors.

  • You'll take part in activities developed specifically for honors students, including visits to New York City or Washington, D.C., to network with some of Bryant's most accomplished alumni and leaders of flourishing companies, government agencies, and national nonprofits.

Qualifications: First-year students need a minimum SAT of 1270 and ACT of 27, as well as rank in the top 10% of their high school class (or GPA of at least 3.6). Transfer students need a minimum GPA of 3.5 in college-level courses.

Bryant Scholars Program

Under the support and guidance of faculty mentors, Bryant Scholars pursue a path that prepares them to compete for prestigious awards – such as Fulbright, Truman, Marshall, and Schwarzman scholarships – that advance their academic research and careers.

A Bryant Scholar is committed to thinking, questioning, and pursuing meaningful work that promotes scholarship in any or all of the following:

  • Scholarship of Discovery: academic work that advances knowledge by conducting empirical research, historical investigation, theory development, and other scholarly inquiries

  • Scholarship of Integration: working across disciplines using data in a meaningful way to connect ideas and produce new insights and knowledge in order to respond to intellectual problems and pressing human needs

  • Scholarship of Application: the practice and application of the outcomes of academic discovery toward the benefit of individuals, groups, corporations, and society as a whole

  • Scholarship of Engagement: teaching, research, and/or service applied to promote public good and to address pressing social, civic, and ethical problems in a community or society

Qualifications: Prestigious national and international scholarships and fellowships are available to undergraduate and graduate students. After learning about some of the major opportunities we support, to apply for these highly competitive awards, you must be nominated by Bryant.


Bryant Professor Crystal Jiang talks with a student

Accessible Teachers and Scholars

Our mentoring faculty are recognized worldwide as scholars and experts in the fields they teach. They bring their real-world insights and practical experience into the classroom to make sure your learning stays relevant. 

All Faculty
Bryant students participate in the IDEA program

First Year Gateway and IDEA

Curricular innovation and core experiences at Bryant provide you with bedrock skills and perspectives that will help you grow more while you’re here—and propel your successful career in a changing world.

Gateway Courses
A Bryant professor and student work in a research lab

Student Research

Student research is an essential component of your learning at Bryant. From coursework to honors program opportunities to senior capstones and directed studies, here you'll deeply explore topics under the guidance of expert faculty.

Research Opportunities