Bryant Scholars Program

Under the support and guidance of faculty mentors, Bryant Scholars pursue a path that prepares them to compete for prestigious awards – such as Fulbright, Truman, Marshall, and Schwarzman scholarships – that advance their academic research and careers.

A Bryant Scholar is committed to thinking, questioning, and pursuing meaningful work that promotes scholarship in any or all of the following:

  • Scholarship of Discovery: academic work that advances knowledge by conducting empirical research, historical investigation, theory development, and other scholarly inquiries

  • Scholarship of Integration: working across disciplines using data in a meaningful way to connect ideas and produce new insights and knowledge in order to respond to intellectual problems and pressing human needs

  • Scholarship of Application: the practice and application of the outcomes of academic discovery toward the benefit of individuals, groups, corporations, and society as a whole

  • Scholarship of Engagement: teaching, research, and/or service applied to promote public good and to address pressing social, civic, and ethical problems in a community or society

Qualifications: Prestigious national and international scholarships and fellowships are available to undergraduate and graduate students. After learning about some of the major opportunities we support, to apply for these highly competitive awards, you must be nominated by Bryant.

  • Submit a screening form to the director of Bryant Scholars

  • Apply for scholarships that require institutional endorsement