College of Business Mission Statement

We prepare socially responsible thinkers, leaders, and innovators for successful professional careers within the global business community.

Our strategic priorities are informed by the following statements that serve to amplify our mission and values:

  • We prepare thinkers by offering a broad and multidisciplinary knowledge base, with in-depth content in one or more specific business disciplines. The business degree experience is focused on the application of foundational theory in business settings. In addition, we develop students’ critical-thinking skills and ability to grapple with problems at a systemic level.
  • We prepare leaders by cultivating the development of interpersonal skills and character. The curriculum provides students with numerous opportunities to learn about and practice leadership and collaboration skills, in small and large group settings, and with for-profit and non-profit organizations. In addition, students are encouraged to avail themselves of the many opportunities for exposure to global, socio-economic, and cultural perspectives; to develop mentoring relationships with faculty; and to mentor fellow students as opportunities arise.
  • We prepare innovators by presenting students with challenging business issues that allow them to apply their skills to real problems. The curriculum offers opportunities for students to develop creative business solutions, providing them with the necessary tools to successfully adapt to changes in the global business environment.

Bryant University mission

The Bryant experience promotes academic excellence and cultivates the leadership skills, qualities of character, and diverse perspectives required to succeed in an age of unlimited global opportunity.

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