College of Arts and Sciences Mission

The faculty and students of the College of Arts and Sciences share the commitment to advancing the study and practice of the humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and the natural and applied sciences. We fulfill our commitment through teaching, scholarship, creative work, and outreach. In faculty and student research, we generate new knowledge. In our teaching, publications, presentations to peers, and engagements with private and public organizations, we disseminate and share our knowledge.

  • The College provides a balanced education for every Bryant student in the core liberal arts areas of the humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and both the natural and applied sciences.
  • The College creates and offers advanced programs - minors, concentrations, and majors - that reflect the interests of Bryant students as well as the complexity of the world into which they will graduate. The College stresses pedagogical approaches that provide students the opportunity to engage in exploration of the world, and to think clearly in contexts marked by uncertainty.
  • The College offers degree programs designed to prepare students for advanced study, as well as for application in meaningful ways.
  • The College fosters adherence to the highest standards of ethical conduct and personal responsibility.
  • The College fosters commitment to social responsibility. The faculty encourage academic excellence both by serving as role models in the best teacher/scholar tradition, and by sharing with students a commitment to diversity and an engagement in civic and professional service.
  • The College is committed to its faculty and students. The College expects and strongly supports excellence in teaching, service, scholarship, and creative work.             

Bryant University mission

The Bryant experience promotes academic excellence and cultivates the leadership skills, qualities of character, and diverse perspectives required to succeed in an age of unlimited global opportunity.

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