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Advanced Applied Analytics Center

The innovative Advanced Applied Analytics Center (AAAC) supports the broadening of the relationship between analytics, research, and the solution of real-world problems.

Advanced Applied Analytics Center

Co-Founders Richard Glass, Ph.D., Professor of Computer Information Systems and Alan Olinsky, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics and Computer Information Systems

The Center is designed to be "a regional beacon for analytics," according to Richard Glass, Ph.D., professor of computer information systems. Glass and Alan Olinsky, Ph.D., professor of mathematics and computer information systems, are the center's co-founding directors.

The Center is a hub of professional collaboration and a strategic resource for businesses and organizations that increasingly rely on analysis of big data to make effective decisions. It also is home to the University's applied analytics program, a multidisciplinary concentration that provides students with skills in integrating technology and analytical methods. Building on Bryant's core strengths, the program is one of the very few in the nation offered at the undergraduate level. The University also offers a Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics.