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At Bryant, you’ll get an education that’s focused on generating ideas and solving problems. The courses of study offered at Bryant prepare you to lead by teaching you innovation skills and helping you understand diverse perspectives.

Courses of Study


Here, what you learn and how you learn go beyond the status quo. Our innovative curriculum is path-breaking, offering many ways to study across disciplines. All business majors complete a complementary liberal arts minor and all liberal arts majors complete a complementary business minor.
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What if I'm undecided?

Honors Program

If you’re achievement-oriented and looking to take your academic, social, cultural and professional development to another level, consider Bryant’s Honors Program. You’ll join a group of some of our most talented, driven applicants for the opportunity to dive deeper into your studies within a mentoring environment.

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Study Abroad

Bryant is an emerging leader in international education. By studying abroad at one of our partner programs, including Bryant Zhuhai, you cultivate a global perspective that will help you thrive anywhere you go. The Institute of International Education ranks us No. 7 for study abroad participation among U.S. Master’s universities. 

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Service Learning

Service learning and community engagement are integral parts of a Bryant education. Through performing actual work that improves society, whether through their classes or co-curricular organizations, our students gain a deeper understanding of real world issues and learn to create solutions that lead to change.

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Whether in a business or not-for-profit environment, internships and practica can provide you with valuable opportunities to apply learning, earn professional experience, and test drive a career. Plus, the professional connections you make could lead to career opportunities and mentors who are eager to help you develop your professional path.

In your junior and senior year, Bryant offers the opportunity to earn academic credit by combining significant work experience with academic study. Academic internships are generally structured as a three-credit elective course in either a concentration, minor, or general business area of study that provides a professional work experience.

For your academic internship, a faculty supervisor will work with you to create an academic learning assignment that’s aligned with your interests and goals. Then they’ll monitor your progress, as well as the internship experience, and assign a grade for academic credit.

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