Advertising and Public Relations

Does the fast-paced, highly competitive world of “Mad Men” pique your interest? Much has changed since Don Draper ruled Madison Avenue, but on thing is the same: In today's consumer-focused world, advertising and public-relations professionals are in high demand as companies struggle to maintain their brand image and product sales on a roller coaster ride of capricious consumer interests, social media trends, and economic factors. 

At Bryant, you learn to stay ahead of the curve and understand the principles and practices of the profession through cutting-edge technology and the study of the latest in audience research and theory. 

Additionally, Bryant offers you the opportunity to put theory into practice through internships on campus and at top public relations and advertising firms in New England.

Future careers, post-grad opportunities 

You can apply the skills learned in public relations and advertising classes – writing, argumentation and persuasion, public speaking – to countless professions, from marketing researcher to lobbyist and campaign director to liaison officer.

Advertising and Public Relations faculty

Faculty who teach advertising and public relations at Bryant include media scholars, teachers, writers, and marketing professionals.