Africana/Black Studies

Africana/Black Studies allows you to build a foundation to better understand different cultures and how they can work together.

Africana/Black Studies is an interdisciplinary, liberal arts minor that allows you to examine the intellectual traditions and cultural contributions made by people of African descent throughout the world. Its broad focus on African, African American, Afro-Latino/a, Afro-Brazilian, and Caribbean communities allows you to stretch the boundaries of your worldview and develop skills in effective communication and innovative problem solving across racial and ethnic lines.

In addition, by exploring with weighty and pervasive problems such as racism and the persistent presence of colonialism in the global economy and sociocultural network, the minor’s courses prepare you to be a rigorous thinker and a responsible, ethical professional and citizen.

Future careers, post-grad opportunities 

A minor in Africana/Black Studies enables you to develop the competence to reason logically and analytically about a wide range of problems that apply to diverse cultures in business, government, and global markets. You will find that complementing your major course of study with this minor adds to your value as a prospective employee or service provider in a wide variety of fields.