Broadcast Media

Media production is growing and transforming in ways that are creating new opportunities for those who can work in more than one phase of production: directors who can write, producers who can edit, etc. More and more, media companies expect their employees to be fluent in all of the tools of the craft.

At Bryant, you learn to do it all: write, direct, perform, produce, and edit. You learn both single and multi-camera work flows. Production courses cover a wide variety of formats including broadcast news, talk, narrative film, documentary, and sports. College Magazine recently named Bryant's broadcast journalism program No. 3 in the country.

Housed in the Communications Complex, Bryant's state-of-the-art production facilities include an HD television studio and control room, several dedicated sets, an impressive array of field gear, and multiple Avid editing stations, allowing every production course at Bryant to be hands-on from start to finish. 

Future careers, grad school opportunities

After graduating, you may go on to work in media production, or take a non-production role within the media industry. Understanding the production process will give you the ability to interact and communicate with media creators more effectively. The core communication skills you learn and practice in media production can also help you succeed in a variety of related fields, such as social media, journalism, marketing, advertising, corporate communication, and public relations.