Global Communication

Whether your field is communication, international business, management, marketing, finance, psychology, or sociology, you will work in an increasingly global arena that requires sensitivity to international differences. The ability to effectively communicate with people from different cultures is an indispensable skill, in every profession.

Knowledge about how other nations and industries have approached problems and issues in global communication can make you more insightful about your own nation or industry, and more effective in your own career.

In the Global Communication interest area, you will examine the rules and norms of intercultural communication, study communication policy and practices from around the world, and learn how culture is a shaping force in the development of communication policy and practices.

Future careers, post-grad opportunities 

Possessing an international perspective and the ability to communicate with people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds is key to success in any field. You will be prepared for careers in business, government, international relations, education, and marketing. You also will be well equipped to undertake graduate studies.